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Cohort Stories December 15, 2014

BlackLivesMatter: A Call For Inclusive Race and Gender Justice Movements

Last week, Movement Makers from the first two cohorts gathered to continue their work together. It became very clear moments into gathering that our hearts belonged with those expressing collective outrage at the failure of accountability for the deaths of Mike Brown, Eric Garner, Tamir Rice and many others killed at the hands of police.

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MEV Insights December 04, 2014

Let’s Talk About Building a Powerful Movement for Social Change

I recently had the honor of attending the Compassionate Communities conference put on by the irrepressible Kelly Miller, and her fantastic colleagues at the Idaho Coalition Against Sexual and Domestic Violence

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Cohort Stories November 18, 2014

Relationships 2.0

When I first joined Move to End Violence as a Movement Maker, one of my first blogs was about the power of relationships to build a sustainable movement to end violence against girls and women. After attending the Rockwood Art of Leadership training as part of my participation in Move to End Violence, I developed a deeper understanding of the importance of relationship building from the concept of coniociomento.

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Cohort Stories November 13, 2014

It Has to Stop: Warehousing Women and Children is Inhumane

[Crossposted from Huffington Post] Sophie,* a little two year-old girl with brown eyes and pigtails, squirmed around in front of me, restless, like any toddler. I kept trying to make her smile, using the silly faces and peek-a-boo tricks that worked on my kids when they were that age, but she was reluctant. She was coughing constantly and looked tired, and it was cold in that tiny, white-washed, cinder-blocked room.

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MEV Insights October 02, 2014

Practicing for Miracles

There is a quote by Thich Nhat Hanh posted up at the Rockwood offices above the kitchen sink. It reads:

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