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MEV Insights July 16, 2014

Self-Care: Taking Care of Others by Taking Care of Yourself

When we are able to build
Open spaces
In the same way
We have learned
To pile on logs,
Then we come to see how
It is fuel, and the absence of fuel
Together, that make fire possible.

- Excerpted from “Fire” by Judy Brown

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MEV Insights June 30, 2014

Stress less. Your work is bigger than you.

It is our duty to fight for our freedom. It is our duty to win.We must love each other and support each other.We have nothing to lose but our chains.” ~ Assata Shakur

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MEV Insights June 25, 2014

Moving Beyond Our Survivor Story

We lost an amazing visionary, teacher, artist, activist, and leader in Dr. Maya Angelou. In addition to being all these things, she was a survivor of childhood sexual abuse who was able to heal and accomplish great things. Dr. Angelou knew that her purpose in this life was not merely to survive, but to move beyond her survivor story so she could thrive, fulfill her destiny, and leave an inspiring legacy for future generations.

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MEV Insights June 18, 2014

Normalizing Rest

A friend had major surgery last week.  When I went to visit her, she eeked out wearily, “you know you are overworked when you are looking forward to two days in the hospital where you can just lie still in bed.”

That her comment resonated so much with me, versus, say, sounding sad, or bizarre, caught my attention. I am on a quest for rest myself.

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MEV Insights April 25, 2014

Leadership Takes Practice: How I Remembered to Play Big, Forgot, and Remembered Again

When I participated in the Art of Leadership as a new staff person at Rockwood eight years ago, I crafted a Life Purpose Statement that was about fostering love and connection by playing big in the world. This statement emerged from my realization that I had a habit of hiding behind my work because I was afraid of making mistakes. What I realized at the Art of Leadership was that love and connection require courage and boldness.

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