That Place

Why am I a part of the Move to End Violence Against Women and Girls? Quite simply, because I WANT TO TAKE A STAND FOR WHAT COULD BE.

To take a stand for, to lay claim to, That Place I dreamed about as I stumbled through the darkness of abuse and violence, through the waves of guilt, anger and shame. That Place I dreamed about as the weight of generations pressed on my heart, their sorrows, their loss and their dreams. 

To take a stand for, That Place of Loving, Caring, and Nurturing.  That Place rooted in Spirit, in Strength and Power. That Place of my ancestors and That Place of my children yet to be born.  That Place where the little girl in me runs free, laughing, sharing, no fear, no shame, no guilt. That Place where I matter, where I am seen for my potential, my gifts, my talents…That Place where I am valued. That Place where Love is the energy that is behind every action, motivation, and intention.   

I am a part of the Move to End Violence because I want to take a stand for what could be. That Place on the other side of the darkness, That Place where in seeing you, I see me and Love is the energy behind every action, motivation, and intention. 

I am in deep appreciation of my fellow cohort members and the visionaries who have made this opportunity possible.  This mindfulness in coming together to vision, to share, to inspire,  to call forward That Place…many call the Beloved Community…my hope is that we each call it HOME.  Join us in Taking a Stand for What Could Be. 

Corrine Sanchez

Corinne Sanchez is Director of Tewa Women United (TWU) and the former Program Manager of TWU’s V.O.I.C.E.S. Program. More about Corrine >