20 ‘Movement Makers’ Join NoVo Foundation’s Movement Building Program

20 ‘Movement Makers’ Join NoVo Foundation’s Movement Building Program

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For Immediate Release–May 19, 2015


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20 ‘Movement Makers’ Join NoVo Foundation’s Movement Building Program

U.S. Leaders Selected to Create a World Where Girls and Women are Free from Violence

New York City—Today, the NoVo Foundation named 20 new leaders from 12 states to participate in its Move to End Violence program.

The NoVo Foundation is committed to moving from a world of domination and oppression to one of collaboration and partnership. NoVo believes women and girls will lead the way forward, but violence stands in the way. That’s why five years ago NoVo established Move to End Violence, a 10-year capacity building program designed to strengthen leaders, organizations, and the movement working to end violence against all girls and women in the United States.

“These individuals have shown incredible vision and leadership in their day-to-day work, confronting and addressing violence against girls and women in their communities,” said Jennifer Buffett, co-president of the NoVo Foundation. “The Move to End Violence program is an effort to honor their forward thinking and power their potential to create the change needed so that girls and women are free from violence and can lead the way to a better world.”

Over ten years, the Move to End Violence program will connect and strengthen hundreds of advocates and organizations, investing in a national network of committed leaders with the shared vision, skills and coordinated strategy to end violence against girls and women.

Violence against girls and women is an epidemic in this country. Forty percent of teenage girls ages 14 to 17 say they know someone their age who has been hit or beaten by a boyfriend. An average of three women are killed each day by their partners or ex-partners. One in four girls and one in six boys are victims of child sexual abuse. The average age of entry into the commercial sex industry is 12–14 years old. To turn the tide, urgent, lifesaving services must continue to help those in immediate crisis, while at the same time we must invest significantly more in efforts to mobilize individuals and communities to address the root causes of violence and create the change we need.

Leaders selected for the Move to End Violence program begin their work together with a group of extraordinary peers in an intensive, two-year capacity building program that includes: time and space to explore critical movement questions, transformative leadership development and organizational development, social change skills and liberatory practices.

These 20 activists are the third round of leaders chosen for Move to End Violence, joining the growing group of Movement Makers working together to envision, build, and lead a movement to end violence against all girls and women in the United States.

“We support these extraordinary leaders as they transform themselves, their organizations, and their work together to create lasting change for all girls and women.” said Jackie Payne, Move to End Violence director. “As the ‘Movement Makers’ have engaged their colleagues and allies in this movement building effort over the last four years, we’ve witnessed profound ripple effects well beyond those who participate directly in program.”

The incoming group of ‘Movement Makers’ embodies the movement we need to build to create bold change. The group includes those engaging youth, boys and men, and faith leaders as part of the solution. The leaders chosen for the 2015-2016 program are:

  • ML Daniel, Program Manager, Faithtrust Institute (WA)
  • Cristine Davidson, Business & Development Specialist, Minnesota Indian Women’s Sexual Assault Coalition (MN)
  • Sandra Davidson, Advocacy Learning Center Program Manager, Praxis International (MN)
  • Lorena Estrella, Program Coordinator, Sadie Nash Leadership Project (NJ)
  • Alexis Flanagan, Assistant Director, HopeWorks of Howard County (MD)
  • Ed Heisler, Executive Director, Men As Peacemakers (MN)
  • Vivian Huelgo, Chief Counsel, Commission on Domestic & Sexual Violence, Task Force on Human Trafficking, American Bar Association (MD)
  • Ariel Jacobson, Development & Communications Director, Restaurant Opportunities Centers United (MA)
  • Vivian Jojola, Senior Program Director, Just Detention International (CA)
  • David Lee, Director of Prevention Services, California Coalition Against Sexual Assault (CA)
  • Patina Park, Executive Director, Minnesota Indian Women’s Resource Center (MN)
  • Maria Rodriguez, Executive Director, Florida Immigrant Coalition (FL)
  • Ana Romero, Director of the Centralized Training Institute, Chicago Metropolitan Battered Women’s Network (IL)
  • Lynn Rosenthal, Vice President of Strategic Partnerships, National Domestic Violence Hotline (DC)
  • Edith Sargon, Director of Impact, Wellstone Action (CO)
  • Andrew Sta. Ana, Supervising Attorney, Day One (NY)
  • Farah Tanis, Executive Director, Black Women’s Blueprint (NY)
  • Karen Tronsgard-Scott, Executive Director, Vermont Network Against Domestic and Sexual Violence (VT)
  • Quentin Walcott, Co-Executive Director, CONNECT (NY)
  • Jamia Wilson, Executive Director, Women, Action, & the Media WAM! (CA)

Complete bios for the 2015-2016 Movement Makers can be found online.


The NoVo Foundation

The NoVo Foundation is dedicated to building a more just and balanced world. Founded in 2006 by Jennifer and Peter Buffett, NoVo has become one of the largest private foundations in the world to support initiatives focused explicitly on girls and women. It also works to advance social and emotional learning and promote local living economies. Across all of its work, the NoVo Foundation supports the development of capacities in people—individually and collectively—to help create a world based on mutual respect, collaboration, and love. Learn more at www.novofoundation.org.


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