A Call to Men Hosts National Conference on Sports Culture and Advancing Its Role in Domestic Violence

A Call to Men Hosts National Conference on Sports Culture and Advancing Its Role in Domestic Violence

On Thursday, September 10th, Movement Maker organization A Call to Men will host a 2-day national conference on sports culture and its role in domestic violence and sexual assault prevention. Learn more below or register now.

Conference Topics Include:

Coaching Healthy Respectful Manhood
Engaging Men in Domestic Violence &
Sexual Assault Prevention
Trafficking & Major Sporting Events
Working with your Local DV/SA Programs-
For Coaches, Athletes, Athletic Directors
and Sports Management
Addressing the Issue of Demand:
Trafficking, Prostitution & Pornography
Addressing Violence Against Women in
the Entertainment and Music Industry

Addressing Domestic and Sexual Violence
on College Campuses
Engaging Men from Diverse Communities
in DV/SA Prevention
Using Social Media, PSA and Other
Campaigns to Prevent Domestic Violence
and Sexual Assault
Role of Faith Communities in Domestic
Violence Prevention
Coaches, Athletes & Advocates Working
Together to Develop Young Men of Character
Understanding Sports Culture

*Indicates a Movement Maker

Joe Ehrmann Jennifer Siebel Newsom Maile Zambuto
Monika Johnson Hostler Tony Porter* Byron Hurt
Jane Ralph Ted Bunch* Beckie Masaki*
Ulester Douglas Tonya Lovelace Davis Michael Kimmel
Jane Randel Jeff O’Brien Corrine Sanchez*
Jackson Katz Lina Juarbe Botella Jason Baker
Antonia Childs Neil Irvin* Sumayya Coleman
Ran Gavrieli Nicole Matthews* Hudson Taylor
Joiel Alexander Courtney Alexander Rev. Marguerite Lee
Rev. Dr. Casey Kimbrough Juan Ramos Becky Lee
Rickie Houston Jeff Matsushita Tony Jones
Rev. Dr. Terence Leathers Ed Heisler* Comanche Fairbanks
Lynn Rosenthal* Mildred Muhammad Erica Bryant
Lauren Hersh Pheng Thao Alexia Gallagher
Lavar Youmans Lynn Peters Mark Carrier
Neils Schurrmans Rachel Friedman Tracy Wright
Rev. Dr. Aleese Moore-Orbih Emily Dahl



Alliance for Hope International Mentors in Violence Prevention
Asian & Pacific Islander Institute
on Domestic Violence
Minnesota Indian Women’s Sexual
Assault Coalition
Becky’s Fund National Compadres Network
Center for the Studies of Men
and Masculinities
National Network to End Domestic Violence
Coach For America New York Women’s Foundation
Idaho Coalition Against Domestic
Institute on Domestic Violence in
the African-American Community
North Carolina Coalition Against
Domestic Violence
Joyful Heart Foundation North Carolina Coalition Against
Sexual assault
Men as Peacemakers South Carolina Coalition Against
Men Can Stop Rape Domestic Violence & Sexual assault
Men Stopping Violence Tewa Women United
Mentors in Violence PreventionVOICE MALE  Women of Color NetworkBreakthrough

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