BlackLivesMatter: A Call For Inclusive Race and Gender Justice Movements

BlackLivesMatter: A Call For Inclusive Race and Gender Justice Movements

Last week, Movement Makers from the first two cohorts gathered to continue their work together. It became very clear moments into gathering that our hearts belonged with those expressing collective outrage at the failure of accountability for the deaths of Mike Brown, Eric Garner, Tamir Rice and many others killed at the hands of police.

As movement leaders, activists, and community organizers deeply dedicated to ending gender-based violence, domestic violence, sexual assault, state-sanctioned systemic violence and community violence, we decided to join voices to express our collective outrage—and to ensure that girls and women are not forgotten in our fight for justice.The same systems and institutions that have failed Mike Brown and Eric Garner have also failed Tanisha Anderson, Islan Nettles, Aiyana Stanley-Jones, and Marissa Alexander, a survivor of domestic violence who harmed no one, yet continues to serve time in prison.

We are adding our voices to the chorus of hundreds and thousands in our country, and millions are the world to assert: our lives and our liberation are connected and inextricable. Black women and girls, alongside the black men and boys in their communities, deserve safety, security and visibility. Black lives matter.

We hope you’ll add your voice too. Here are some actions you can take:

  • Read our Black Lives Matter Statement
  • Share the video and statement via social media, your listserves, or host a screening and have a conversation
  • Make your own video about lifting up the visibility of black girls and women #BlackLivesMatter, and invite your community to do the same
  • Be explicit about connecting race and gender justice by using all three hashtags #BlackLivesMatter #WhyWeCantWait #FreeMarissa

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