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On The Move creates the space for Move to End Violence to engage allies in an ongoing effort to learn from the past, envision the future, and share strategies for how we will get there together. Guests are encouraged to submit blogs posts.
Joanne Smith

The Rebirth of Activists

Throughout my 14-year career as an activist I have worked with and supported many civil rights institutions, initiatives and gender rights advocates,  Aprenda más

Dorchen Leidholdt

The Predatory Community

There was no mistaking it, walking through the narrow, crowded, pollution-filled alleyways of Sonagachi, the largest “red light district” in Asia:  the  Aprenda más

Nan Stoops

10 x 10 x 10

I will be brief.  Such is the nature of writing in the blogosphere.  But do contact me ( if you want to  Aprenda más

Nancy Nguyen

Catchment for Convening 2

Four major takeaways surface from the second convening: healing, articulation, transformation, and sustainability. The second convening offered the cohort many opportunities to  Aprenda más

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