I have been to India…, Part 5

I have been to India…, Part 5

I have been to India…

I have been to India to see, listen, learn, marvel,

I was greeted with bustling cabs, honking horns generating the pulse and rhythm of a vibrant, colorful nation.

A young republic, rising, growing, expanding, struggling, celebrating family, culture, just being, existing and for too many – surviving.

While the masses of last girls and women is easy to dehumanize, the activists re-humanize the last girl, last child, last person through Gandhi’s teachings.

Poverty here is enormous, yet there is so much to offer to awaken our consciousness to the possibilities and the hope of girls, women, humanity.

On the last day of Convening 3 in India, each participant was given just five minutes to capture what was sticking with them at that moment in a seven line poem which began, “I have been to India….”. Over the next several weeks, these poems will be shared in this space without attribution.

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