Inspire a Movement – Move to End Violence at the 2013 National Sexual Assault Conference

Inspire a Movement – Move to End Violence at the 2013 National Sexual Assault Conference

On August 28-30, more than 1400 individuals working in the sexual assault field gathered in Hollywood, California for the 2013 National Sexual Assault Conference. During this multiple day conference, with the theme of Inspire a Movement, Invest in Change, Move to End Violence was pleased to offer a mini-track of workshops. Led by Movement Makers from both cohorts of Move to End Violence, our workshops shared some of the learning and work of the Movement Makers to date.

Ted Bunch, Annika Gifford, Beckie Masaki, and Puja Dhawan led two workshops that focused on the work that is happening in Move to End Violence, especially around the Building Movement Conversations.

Cristy Chung, Trina Greene, Nicole Matthews and Puja Dhawan held a working discussing the landscape of the movement and the essential questions that should be asked to move strategically together.

Every participant of this conference likely has many ah-hahs and stories to share. Here, we’ve chosen to share some photos from the Move to End Violence workshops. We, of course, welcome comments about your experience and/or observations. Or, if you are inspired, write a blog for us to post here!

Presenters of the “It Takes a Movement to End Violence Against Women and Girls Workshop” – Beckie Masaki, Annika Gifford, Ted Bunch, and Puja Dhawan.

Puja Dhawan talks about the design and history of Move to End Violence, a program of the NoVo Foundation.

Presenters demonstrate steps 3 & 4 of the tai ji that is used in Move to End Violence’s physical practice and strategic thinking work.

Ted Brunch shares the 3 pivots that Move to End Violence cohort 1 members developed during the program.

Participants broke out into small groups to have a World Café style conversation about the pivots.


Principles of a World Café.

Presenters lead the all the participants in group tai ji!

Presenters of the “Ending Violence Against Girls and Women: The Three Most Essential Questions for our Movement Workshop” – Cristy Chung, Nicole Matthews, and Trina Greene.

Participants in the workshop work at their tables to do a landscape analysis of the actors, issues, and strategies
that are currently at play in the movement.

This year’s very apt theme for the National Sexual Assault Conference.
The conference had amazing opening, plenary, and closing speakers who exemplified these themes.

Thank you to everyone at Calcasa and Prevent Connect for putting together this inspirational conference and inviting us to be a part of it.

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