Leadership Transitions and New Co-Director Opportunity

Leadership Transitions and New Co-Director Opportunity

Move to End Violence’s logo represents a flock of geese flying in a V formation. We chose this symbol because geese so powerfully model the beauty and strength of shared leadership and collective action. They:

  • Fly forward, toward a shared horizon;
  • Fly in relationship to one another, each offering their gifts to the group from their place in the ecosystem;
  • Shift positions, trading off who is in the lead to bring fresh vision and energy to the journey; and
  • Care for their injured and elderly, supporting them to return to the flock or pass among community.

We love this example of interdependence–how it allows different strengths to shine at different times, is stronger than the sum of its parts, and allows the group to go farther than any could hope to go alone. It is with this in mind that our founding director, Jackie Payne, has decided to shift out of the role of Director of Move to End Violence to center the wisdom, leadership, and experience of the most affected in the leadership of this program. We are incredibly grateful for all of her work to help imagine, design and lead Move to End Violence with the NoVo Foundation.

As Move to End Violence begins this exciting next phase, Deputy Director, Priscilla Hung will shift into the position of Co-Director and share leadership of Move to End Violence with a to-be-hired Co-Director and our our phenomenal women of color faculty.

We’re pleased to announce the search for a Co-Director to join this incredible leadership team. Please check out this opportunity and share widely.

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