Leading with Love and Deepening our Commitment to Justice in all Forms

Leading with Love and Deepening our Commitment to Justice in all Forms

The Trump administration sought to legally re-define gender, dramatically increasing the harm already experienced by transgender people through erasure and denied access to healthcare, employment, and housing.

A shooter who first tried to break into a largely Black church in Kentucky kills two Black shoppers in a grocery store.

Dozens of pipe bombs are delivered by mail to high profile individuals who have spoken out against the administration.

Eleven Jewish people are gunned down in their synagogue.

Thousands of individuals, primarily mothers and children, from Central America head, on foot, to the United States seeking asylum and the administration responds by ordering troops to meet them at the border.

All in a week’s time.

These strikes are part of the surge in attacks on humanity, at both the personal and systemic levels, we’ve experienced in the last two years. They are part of a strategic effort to use hate, fear, and violence to keep patriarchal white supremacy in place.  

We are deeply saddened and horrified by these recent tragic attacks. Today, and always, we stand actively in solidarity with Black, Jewish, Muslim, trans and gender-non-conforming, Indigenous, and immigrant communities who are in harm’s way as they do the hard, bold work to lead all of us to a new world free of hate, racism, and violence, including gender-based violence.

There are more people who believe in love, humanity, and justice than those who propel hate–and we are committed to continue to lift up their light and wisdom. Amidst fear, grief, and risk of harm, activists are organizing around the imminent mid-term elections. They are marching to resist and not be silenced. They are holding vigils to honor those harmed and lost. They are initiating and signing petitions to influence change. They are launching campaigns. They are creating art to support healing.

We are committed – and invite you to join us – to leading with love in this moment, more than ever, as we deepen our commitment to justice in all forms. Follow the lead of women of color and Indigenous women. Elevate the voices of communities of color that have been most marginalized. Listen to each other and find yourselves in others’ stories as a way to be in community together, grounded in love as we build a world free of violence.

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