Women’s Foundation of Minnesota Features Men As Peacekeepers

Women’s Foundation of Minnesota Features Men As Peacekeepers

Ed Heisler, executive director of Men As Peacemakers (Women’s Foundation grantee-partner), knew he wanted to work to end domestic and sexual violence against women after a college service-learning project placed him at Anna Marie’s, a domestic violence shelter in St. Cloud. He spent five hours a week volunteering, providing homework assistance and mentoring for the children whose mothers fled from violence and found safe haven at Anna Marie’s. Heisler credits this experience with changing his perspective.
“Spending time with the kids and their moms opened my eyes to the prevalence and destructiveness of men’s violence against women and children,” said Heisler. “After my experience, I knew the movement to end domestic and sexual violence was where I wanted to be.”


Men As Peacemakers’ staff (third, fourth and fifth from left) Ed Heisler (executive director), Sarah Curtiss (program director) and Mallory Thorn (anti-sex trafficking coordinator), along with TrueChild’s Riki Wilchins (executive director; far left), joined Lee Roper-Batker (Foundation president; second from left) at the Foundation’s Annual Grantee Conference (4/24) for a day of learning and capacity-building.

Read the full profile of Movement Maker Ed Heisler, Executive Director of Men As Peacemakers as featured in the Women’s Foundation of Minnesota Newsletter.

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