Move to End Violence Launches Cycle 4 (2018-2019)

Move to End Violence Launches Cycle 4 (2018-2019)

Thank you for being part of this growing community of folks working together to end violence against girls and women. We are excited to share the plans for the fourth cycle of Move to End Violence (MEV)!

In this cycle, we are setting MEV on a trajectory to sunset at the end of Cycle 5. We have developed programming with fidelity to our role as a capacity builder in a vibrant ecosystem that now includes dozens of active alumni, thousands of other movement leaders who’ve engaged with MEV content regionally and virtually, and the many networks which have grown out of MEV. In this cycle, we will focus MEV resources on the cohort experience in addition to some capacity building support for alumni and allies who are excited to develop and connect as a critical mass of aligned leaders.

The fundamental elements of our program continue to be: Transformational Leadership Development, Organizational Development for Transformation, Liberation and Equity, Movement Building, and Social Change.

Here are some highlights of what we will be offering as part of the 4th cycle:

Cohort 4: The application for Cohort 4 Movement Makers was open until 4 p.m. ET on June 15, 2017. Selection announcements were made in November for a January 2018 start. We look for dedicated activists who take an intersectional approach to the work, who are invested in working in partnership with each other, and who come with openness, self-awareness, a lot of heart and humor. Cohort 4 Movement Makers will attend six convenings over two years focused on our fundamental program elements, have the opportunity to attend two optional regional workshops, receive a three-year general operating grant, a two-year project grant, and have access to individual leadership coaching and organizational transformation support.

Here’s a visual glimpse of the Movement Maker experience:

Movement Maker Alumni and Other Movement Leaders: We will be offering two regional workshop series in 2018 that are open to alumni and allies. One will be a repeat of a popular workshop series from last cycle, a 2.5-day intensive on Liberation & Equity. The other series will be a new multi-day training on Organizing led by Edith Sargon. We will continue offering virtual learning, including online “challenges” such as our 21-Day Self-Care Challenge, webinars such as our Transformative Movement-Building Series and Racial Equity & Liberation Series, updated tools such as “8 Features of Transformative Campaigns”, and resources to expand access to our fundamental offerings. We are excited to be investing more resources in this new cycle to support Movement Makers and their allies to share their thought leadership and work in the form of stories, case studies, interviews, and blogs.

We approach this project with an experimental and adaptive mindset. As such, we expect that there will be many strategic opportunities that we have not yet imagined for Cycle 4. To that end, we are leaving ourselves open for emergent work and will evaluate new ideas based on how well they fit our role as a transformative capacity-builder, among other considerations.

Grants for Movement Maker Alumni: In addition to general support funding opportunities from NoVo Foundation, alumni have access to small project grants for movement-building and continued capacity building to support their work to end violence against girls and women.  

We’re excited to be entering this new cycle — and hope you’ll be on this journey with us, whether as a Movement Maker, an allied movement leader, and/or as a user of our online resources.

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Jackie Payne
Jackie Payne
GALvanize USA

Jackie Payne served as the Director of Move to End Violence from its inception until February 2018. A lawyer and policy advocate with 20 years of experience working to affect social change, Jackie brings an intersectional and cross-movement lens to her gender justice work. She recently founded GALvanize USA which creates safe, supportive opportunities for busy women who want a kinder, more respectful way to figure out how to make a real difference in our communities and our country. Learn More

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