Movement Maker Organization SWAN Testifies Before Historic Senate Hearing on Sexual Violence in the Military

Movement Maker Organization SWAN Testifies Before Historic Senate Hearing on Sexual Violence in the Military

On March 14th, SWAN testified before a historic Senate hearing on sexual violence in the military. This hearing was the first time in nearly a decade that the Senate has examined the issue of sexual assault in the military and we were honored to testify. SWAN’s message to Congress: Our military cannot fix this problem on its own and it desperately needs to be shown the next steps forward. Take a look at Anu’s testimony here and Rebekah’s testimony here.

Photo via here. On March 13th, SWAN’s Anu Bhagwati and Rebekah Havrilla testified with others before a Senate panel hearing on military sexual assault. Click here for C-Span’s full coverage.

This hearing represents enormous progress in our work toward sweeping system reform. SWAN is working to ensure that sexual predators will be professionally prosecuted, and that military victims have the same rights to judicial redress that are currently available to all Americans whom they protect and defend. The hearing highlighted the recent case of Lt. Col. James Wilkerson, a former Air Force Inspector General General and fighter pilot whose sexual assault conviction was overturned by a 3-star General. This case underscores the fact that the military judicial system is incapable of rendering fair and impartial justice without significant overhaul. The effects of our continued advocacy and the chorus of voices that have spoken out over the Wilkerson case have created the momentum for us to urge Congress and the Pentagon to make substantive, meaningful reforms to the entire military justice system, not just incremental changes.

To amplify the voices of survivors and mobilize our community even further, SWAN is holding their second Truth and Justice Summit on Military Sexual Violence in Washington, DC on April 17-18. Over 150 survivors and 100 allies will convene in our nation’s capital to meet with policymakers, speak to media and gain skills in organizing, advocating and affecting change so that today’s hearing gets translated into transformative legislative action in 2013. You can help make this event happen by clicking here to send a veteran to DC, or registering to attend the Summit here!

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