Movement Maker Profiles: Evonné Kaho

Movement Maker Profiles: Evonné Kaho

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Evonné Kaho is the founder and CEO of the first Black transgender nonprofit in the state of Mississippi, Love Me Unlimited 4 Life, an interdisciplinary organization that offers resources, education, counseling and support to Mississippi’s LGBTQ community and those living with HIV.

Who are your people?

The Black trans, LGBTQIA, and Indigenous people in the state of Mississippi.

What brings you to your work?

The need of a voice that needs to be heard and seen, here in the state of Mississippi. I pretty much want to talk about Mississippi because people pretty much forget about the deep South. 

What aspects of your movement work brings you the most joy?

Helping people and making sure people are safe.

What moves are you making to end the violence?

Let me see how can I do this. I am doing everything in my best, in my power to stop the violence, and within it being safe to myself, try not to become a target myself.

How would you describe your leadership strengths?

My leadership strength is very powerful. I’m here in the state of Mississippi and I am known as AKA, the Queen Mother of The South, so it’s very powerful.

What does that leadership look like?

It looks like I’m being respectful, I get the work done and I’m more than just talk.

What keeps you in the work?

My people. Being strong for my upcoming and my upbringing of my young people. If they can look up to me and see that it was an elder woman that have laid the ground and paved the way, I think it’d be stronger for them to come on behind me and do what they need to do.

Miriam Zoila Pérez
Miriam Zoila Pérez
Director of Communications & Digital Media Strategy
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