Movement Makers Converge!

Movement Makers Converge!

For over 40 years, gender violence has been the focus of feminist activism in the U.S. Where are we headed now? Several hundred advocates and academics gathered on Februrary 7-8, 2014 at CONVERGE! Re-imagining the Movement to End Gender Violence to reconsider the dominant U.S. responses to gender violence, to build capacity for political mobilization and reform, to share innovative approaches to gender violence, and to promote cross-fertilization and collaboration between researchers, practitioners, and activists. The conference explored building a transformative political agenda to refocus U.S. priorities in funding, activism, law, and social services in ways that better address the intersecting inequalities that create and maintain gender violence.

Neil Irvin in Session “New Possibilities for Re-Framing Gender Violence Work”

The conference was organized by the University of Miami School of Law, University of Miami School of Law, Race & Social Justice Law Review, the Center on Applied Feminism-University of Baltimore School of Law, and Movement Maker organization Miami Worker’s Center Sisterhood of Survivors. Several Movement Makers were in attendance and presented or co-presented sessions, including:

  • Colonization, Culture & Resistance (Eesha Pandit)
  • Working with State Coalitions to Empower Survivors (Kelly Miller & Nan Stoops)
  • Intersections of Gender, Economic, Racial and Indigenous Justice (Nicole Matthews)
  • Organizing Campaigns (Ted Bunch & Jodeen Olguín-Tayler)
  • The Possibilities & Limits of Criminal Justice Reform (Sandra Park)
  • New Possibilities for Re-Framing Gender Violence Work (Monique Hoeflinger, Neil Irvin, Marcia Olivo & Jackie Payne-Move to End Violence Director)

Check out other photos from the conference. Explore commentary on Twitter using hashtag #converge.

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