Movement Makers Stand with #StandingRock

Movement Makers Stand with #StandingRock



Dear Beloved Community,

Our Indigenous relatives and allies are putting their lives on the line daily at Standing Rock and need our support as activists and advocates fighting against gender-based violence. In order to create a world where all women and girls are safe and free, we must fight the conditions of extraction and domination, because violence against Mother Earth is violence against women and girls.  “Violence against our earth and water is perpetrated on a daily basis, against those things absolutely vital to our very existence,” said Patina Park, Executive Director of the Minnesota Indian Women’s Resource Center. “We can’t be surprised that people who would rape our land are also raping our people. We must do something to stop this from continuing.”

As described in this article Sexual Assault on the Pipeline, the extractive oil industry produces “man-camps” which become sites of sexual violence and exploitation. “In North Dakota, man camps created during the Bakken oil boom drastically increased the levels of violent crime perpetrated against women and girls — and particularly native women and girls. Studies conducted during the peak of the oil boom — from 2010 to 2013 — showed that the number of reported domestic violence incidents and sexual assaults increased by hundreds, flooding and overwhelming service providers.”

Defenders and Protectors of water and sacred land are also being subjected to significant state violence, an alarming influx of hundreds of law enforcement officers from neighboring states, profiling, violent arrests with batons, tasers, pepper spray, and LRAD’s, and other troubling parallels to the violence that we have seen with many other communities across the country.

“Our liberation is only realized when all people are free, free to access clean water, free from institutional racism, free to live whole and healthy lives not subjected to state-sanctioned violence.”

For more context of the historical, political, and social realities of Indigenous people in the United States today, please view this excellent resource from NYC Stands With Standing Rock, the #STANDINGROCKSYLLABUS at

Below is a list of 5 things you can do to support Standing Rock as activists fighting against gender-based violence (based on this original post here):

  1.  Come to Standing Rock! There is power in numbers, and with winter and holidays quickly approaching, physical presence is needed now more than ever. A helpful link regarding travel, targets for Direct Action, and other updates, please visit regularly.


  1.  Financial Support:


  1. Call the Army Corps of Engineers and demand that they reverse the permit: (202) 761-5903.


  1.   Sign Online Petitions:


  1. Reports are pouring out from Standing Rock that the military, national guard, and neighboring state law enforcement agencies are now moving in against the peaceful protectors throughEmergency Management Assistance Compact (EMAC), a national clearinghouse through which member states may request and provide mutual aid assistance. According to the Morton County Sheriff press release, the States that are currently assisting Morton County are: Wisconsin, South Dakota, Minnesota, Wyoming, Indiana and Nebraska. If you live in a neighboring state, put pressure on your local law enforcement. See here for an example action from Minnesota.
Cristine Davidson
Cristine Davidson
Education & Cultural Specialist
Minnesota Indian Women’s Sexual Assault Coalition

Cristine is in her 9th year with the Minnesota Indian Women's Sexual Assault Coalition. Rooted in prevention, wellness and community, she lives on her home reservation in White Earth, Minnesota. Learn More

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