My 57th Year

My 57th Year

In my 57th year
I begin a new journey–a new Initiative
As I Move to End Violence
I will travel to new places and new spaces
Together, with my innovative and remarkable cohort partners
We will find new inspirations to support us, and our organizations

And each of us will continue to lead, to grow, and to contribute in bold new ways

In my 57th year
I know I have the love and support of my family, friends, and organization
Yet I know there will be times I will miss two very special people
One, like a sister, mentor, and best friend combined
The other, a special love in my life
I will remember that they too travel with me, in my heart and in spirit
I will honor the clarity of their work

In my 57th year
I will reach out and connect with many others
Some I may already know but many I have yet to meet
For this work takes all of us—our commitment and our passion
As we honor the work from the past and present
We must move forward with even greater clarity and inclusion
For there is still much to be done

In my 57th year
I will be mindful of my forward stance
I will encourage the leadership of others and try to model self-care
I will uphold the vision of a beloved community
Where women and girls are treasured, never harmed
Where everyone is loved and nurtured and able to live a life free of violence and oppression
In my 57th year I will Move to End Violence

-patti tototzintle, 2011

For the past several years around the time of my birthday, I have written a poem reflecting on the year to come. In May, upon leaving my first retreat as a cohort member of the NoVo Foundation’s Move to End Violence initiative, I wrote this year’s poem.  I think this poem answers the question of why I am part of Move to End Violence. 

Patricia Tototzintle
Patricia Tototzintle
Chief Executive Officer
Casa de Esperanza

Patti Tototzintle is Chief Executive Officer of Casa de Esperanza, whose mission is to mobilize Latinas and Latino communities to end domestic violence. Patti oversees all organizational programming, internal operations, local collaborations and partnerships, and board and staff leadership development. She has been in executive leadership at Casa de Esperanza since 2002. Learn More

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