Never in My Wildest Dreams

Never in My Wildest Dreams

When Co-founder Tony Porter and I began A CALL TO MEN in 2005, women were understandably skeptical and cautious of a men’s organization as part of the movement. Initially, we were privileged to sit in the room with movement leaders and advocates to listen and learn as they strategized ways to end violence against women and keep women safe.

Then later, when they saw that we were indeed sincere and well meaning, we were invited again, this time to participate as allies.

Never in my wildest dreams would I have I ever thought that six years later I would be at the table with such visionary leadership as the NoVo Foundation and such courageous and fearless pioneers that I find myself today calling colleagues and friends who are part of the Move to End Violence.

I am more than honored to represent my organization as a member of the pilot cohort. I am blessed! Blessed to have the privileged opportunity to contribute, help shape and influence vision, and to be a part of cutting the edge for others to follow in the creation of Our Beloved Community.

The time we spent together in Briarcliff, NY reminded me of the importance of community and collaboration, of acceptance and understanding, of self-awareness and self care. As we move forward with our convening and in our work I am confident that we will move mountains together.  As we redefine our work we will redefine our selves and positively impact our culture, our society, and our institutions to move to end violence and discrimination against ALL women and girls.

Ted Bunch
Ted Bunch
Chief Development Officer

Ted Bunch is an educator, activist and lecturer working to end all forms of violence and discrimination against women and girls. As the chief development officer for A CALL TO MEN™, Ted is internationally recognized for his efforts to prevent violence against women while promoting a healthy, respectful manhood. He is a leading voice on issues of manhood, male socialization and its intersection with violence, and preventing violence against all women and girls. Learn More

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