NoVo Foundation Establishes $80 Million Initiative to End Violence Against Women and Girls

NoVo Foundation Establishes $80 Million Initiative to End Violence Against Women and Girls

The New York City-based NoVo Foundation has announced the launch of a ten-year, $80 million initiative designed to strengthen the movement to end violence against women and girls in the United States.

Over ten years, the Move to End Violence initiative will engage more than a hundred individuals and organizations in a two-year cohort experience, establishing a national network to lead the effort to end violence against women and girls. Sixteen leaders from eight states were selected to participate in the first cohort, which will engage in movement building work, transformative leadership development, social change skills trainings, and organizational development. In addition, each participant’s organization will receive a grant from the foundation.

The progress and experience of cohort members will be chronicled at the On the Move blog, which will also feature commentary from leaders and practitioners in the field. In addition, the initiative will work to create an online community through its Facebook page and Twitter feed.

“Many have expressed shock at [IMF] leader Dominique Strauss-Kahn’s arrest in connection with a sexual assault here in New York,” said NoVo Foundation president and co-chair Jennifer Buffett. “But given the epidemic of sexual violence against girls and women, we shouldn’t be surprised. Thanks to the tireless work of countless activists we have made progress, but staggering rates of violence remain worldwide… Our goal with Move to End Violence is to prevent violence against women before it starts, and to create a culture where powerful men — and all boys and men — don’t think they have the right to abuse women.”

“NoVo Foundation Commits $80 Million Over 10 Years Towards Ending Violence Against Girls and Women in the US.” NoVo Foundation Press Release 5/18/11.

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