Open Your Gate–She is Coming with You!

Open Your Gate–She is Coming with You!

Move to End Violence  has  begun  to  infuse  a  new  energy  and  a renewed sense of purpose into the movement to end violence against girls and women through this pilot cohort and its members. In only 18-months, I believe, we have all found common and even sacred ground to stand on and build upon. For the most part, we were strangers, fighting the good fight in our own worlds. We did not fully understand the concepts of a  forward stance, critical mass, nor did we have much practice in self-care. But, this is rapidly changing.

Being part of Move to End Violence has allowed me to reflect on my work, assess my role, and think outside of the box. As a group, we have developed a more collaborative spirit and are much more intentional about being a part of something greater than ourselves.

As we explore ideas like the radical and innovative vision of an inclusive and  beloved community where girls and women are valued, respected and safe, I see my own work at A CALL TO MEN shift. The care, concern, and consciousness for the “last girl”, (that girl or woman who is the most vulnerable among us) has transformed the work of A CALL TO MEN. The lenses that we are now looking through allow us to not only see the empowerment for the last girl or woman, but also allows clarity in the challenges facing the last man and boy that she loves.

As we move towards our fifth convening we have addressed and faced many of our fears, doubts, suspicions, and delusions. These gates no longer overwhelm us. Actually, we have learned to expect and embrace these once paralyzing concepts and redirect that energy to self-awareness, strength, and solution. Last woman and girl…here we come!

Ted Bunch
Ted Bunch
Activist, Educator, Co-Founder

Ted Bunch, Activist, Educator is the Co-founder of A CALL TO MEN. He is recognized both nationally and internationally for his expertise in organizing and educating men in the effort to end violence against women. He is dedicated to strengthening community accountability to end all forms of violence against women.
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