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On The Move

On The Move creates the space for Move to End Violence to engage allies in an ongoing effort to learn from the past, envision the future, and share strategies for how we will get there together. Guests are encouraged to submit blogs posts.
Suzanne Koepplinger


How do we name the problem and what does the leadership of the movement look like? Why hasn’t pornography been more widely  Learn more

Dorchen Leidholdt


“We will not be satisfied until justice rolls down like waters…” –Martin Luther King, Jr. At our most recent Move to End  Learn more

Nan Stoops

Life imitates life

In 2008, my son, Hanson, participated in a “writers in the schools” project that involved 23 Seattle public schools. The students’ prose  Learn more

Corrine Sanchez

Beloved Community

As I sit reflecting upon the gift of being able to participate in the most recent convening of the MEV cohort, I  Learn more

Shakira Washington

Reaffirming Purpose

The second convening of the MEV first cohort has come and gone. While there were many “ah ha” moments during our week  Learn more

Aimee Thompson

Space for the Fire

One concept from the MEV process that I am still struggling with is spaciousness. So many, no, probably all of the colleagues  Learn more

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