This week more than 46 leaders who were signed up to attend the Family Violence Prevention and Service Act’s State Administrators and State Coalitions Meeting left their busy lives a day early to join Movement Makers Nan Stoops, Beckie Masaki, Leiana Kinnicutt, and Aimee Thompson Arevalo in a day-long workshop designed to explore some of the work of Move to End Violence.

Nan Stoops from Washington State Coalition Against Domestic Violence opened up the workshop by asking folks to give one word about what they were feeling at the moment.

Inspired. That’s the word I chose—inspired to be in a room filled with people who had chosen to spend the day with us—to take a leap of faith to learn more about the work of Move to End Violence and its Movement Makers.

Others shared my excitement. While others were: curious, anxious, nervous, cautious. And, I’m guessing, for some, the fact that we then proceeded to launch into breathing exercises, collective poetry reading, and tough questions may have only added to this angst.

Over the course of the day, Nan, Beckie, Leiana, and Aimee utilized physical practice (specifically, moves of Tai Ji taught to the Movement Makers by faculty member Norma Wong) and thought-provoking small group exercises to lead us through some key ideas to help us think, lead, and act differently as we work to end violence against girls and women.

We explored our stance—are we in a defensive posture or poised for forward movement? We explored what has brought us to the work we do—and, why (or for whom) we move it forward. We thought about our life purpose – not just the purpose of our work. We explored the idea of pivots—and, how that translates into the pivots the movement needs to make to end violence. We plotted the ultimate change we seek.

And, we ended, in circle, with one word for where we were at the moment.

Inspired. Energized. Sisterhood. Clarity. Together. Connected. Rejeuvenated. Hopeful.

And, my favorite?


Michelle Lambert
Michelle Lambert
Communications Director
Move to End Violence

Michelle Lambert (She, Her, Hers) is the Communications Director for Move to End Violence. For more than 20 years, Michelle has worked with non-profit organizations, foundations, and government agencies to create high-impact and memorable communications for some of today's most pressing issues. Learn More

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