Reflections on Transformative Movement Building: Lessons from the Evaluation of MEV

Reflections on Transformative Movement Building: Lessons from the Evaluation of MEV

En Español: Please note that the report is only available in English at this time.

Documenting and evaluating the Move to End Violence program has been part of our design from the beginning. Our longtime evaluation partner, Social Policy Research Associates, has released their report focused on how the program has evolved over time and cumulative learnings culminating with our most recently completed cycle of MEV, Cohort 4. We are pleased to share some of our learnings with the field. Click here to read the report.

There are many of us who are dedicated to supporting social justice leaders and organizations in movements to end gender-based violence. We are eager to be in active dialogue with you all about how we can integrate practices that support healing, liberation, and solidarity in our programs and in our movements. 

Some of the key learnings shared in the report:

  • Supporting leaders from communities that have been under-invested in by providing them with a national platform, resources and tools, practices that support sustainability, and opportunities to build robust relationships with other leaders allows them to more confidently step into and more fully own their movement leadership.
  • Having our program design and structure reflect our values – from who is on the team, to how we provide dependent care, to where we convene, and more – is integral to creating a container where leaders can show up as their whole selves and access the full breadth of their wisdom.
  • Transformation can happen when responsiveness, storytelling, spaciousness, and accountability are key parts of the spaces we are creating.


The challenge before us is taking these lessons and adapting them to our current context for our incoming cohort, Cohort 5. 

What do deep relationship-building and collective healing look like in a virtual space? 

How do we shift our program from being event-based to one that strengthens the connective tissue between us across time and space? 

How do we lead and practice freedom while grieving, while in constant transition, while in a climate catastrophe? 

How do we allow ease, compassion, joy, and “just enough” guide our design decisions? 

We are sure many of you are grappling with the same questions and shifts and we are eager to continue learning from one another.

We have many people to acknowledge and appreciate whose work and guidance made the successes of this past cycle possible, including the Cohort 4 Movement Makers, the faculty and facilitators, and many other partners. Please see the report for a fuller list. Many, many thanks to you all!

Priscilla Hung
Priscilla Hung
Move to End Violence

Priscilla Hung (She, Her, Hers) is the Co-Director of Move to End Violence. She has spent the past 20 years dedicated to social justice movement-building, organizational development, and nonprofit management. Learn More

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