Seizing the Movement Moment  /  New Resource for Hosting Discussions on Liberation With Youth

Seizing the Movement Moment / New Resource for Hosting Discussions on Liberation With Youth


Move to End Violence Newsletter – July 7, 2016



Dear Friends of Move to End Violence,

The Orlando massacre, which took the lives of 49 mostly Latino LGBTQ people, continues to weigh heavily on all of our hearts and minds. With our hearts still reeling, it was quickly followed by hundreds of lives lost in Turkey, Somalia, Iraq, Saudi Arabia, Baton Rouge, Minnesota, and more. These tragedies are reminders of the interconnectedness of violence and oppression–all fueled by hate and domination–and serves as yet another urgent call for us to center the most impacted and work across sectors as we look for solutions to end violence for all.


As the news of this massacre was unfolding, Movement Makers were gathered together in Atlanta, the birthplace of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. and home to the Cherokee people, for a week-long convening to ground themselves in civil rights history and further their work together to help build a powerful social change movement to end violence. With heavy hearts, we grieved together and dug in deep, more determined than ever to realize our vision of world without violence. We must work collectively, across sectors, to build a powerful movement for liberation -to transform society into a place where every last girl is free to reach her full potential.

While many of us were gathered in Atlanta, several Movement Makers were in Washington, DC attending and presenting at the first-ever White House Summit for Women–The United State of Women. Movement Maker Joanne Smith of Girls for Gender Equity took the stage and challenged and inspired the thousands in attendance to “seize this movement moment”. She asked, “Are you part of the community and critical mass of people who are courageously challenging institutional racism and patriarchy while engaging in cross movement building strategies that name gender-based violence as a racial justice issue, as a public health issue, as a child sexual abuse issue, as an education and economic justice issue, as a state sanctioned violence issue, and reproductive justice issue? These issues are inextricably linked and connected to ending violence.”

Are you ready to seize this movement moment?

Movement Makers Take Stage in Powerful,

White House Summit–United State of Women


On June 14, thousands of folks gathered in Washington, D.C. for the The United State of WomenThe agenda was jam-packed with inspiring conversations from many, including: President Obama, Vice President Biden, and First Lady Michelle Obama. NoVo Foundation and Movement Makers also took the stage, including: Pamela Shifman and Puja Dhawan of NoVo Foundation; Movement Makers Joanne Smith, Quentin Walcott, Lynn Rosenthal, Patti Tototzintle, Neil Irvin, Vivian Huelgo, Andrew Sta.Ana, and Jamia Wilson. Learn more about the event and check out photo and video highlights.

Tools & Resources


Young Women Envisioning Liberation

Inspired upon returning from the international learning exchange in South Africa, Movement Maker Lorena Estrella created this tool to engage youth in a conversation about liberation. Download the tool.


Monthly 21-Day Self-Care Challenge

In June, we made our 21-Day Self-Care Challenge available on a monthly basis. The Challenge offers daily email prompts to help you ditch habits and embrace more sustainable practices so you can show up for yourself – and for this movement – as your most impactful self. In June over 500 folks joined in on this Challenge–were you one of them? If so, let us know how it went! If not, maybe your ready to take the plunge or refresh your practice next month. Sign up today, you’ll receive the first prompt the 1st Tuesday of the month after you signed up.

The next one starts Tuesday, August 2nd.

On the Blog


CALCASA 2016 Statewide Conference Draws Hundreds to Engage in Transformative Conversations to End Sexual Violence. Learn more about this conference and watch/listen to plenaries offered by Move to End Violence and Movement Makers David Lee, Farah Tanis, and Lovisa Stannow.


Movement Makers Convene to Explore Civil Rights History, Social Change, and Storytelling for Liberation.

In this blog, Move to End Violence Deputy Program Director, Priscilla Hung shares highlights from the most recent convening in Atlanta


Forgiving My Father: Reflections on Girlhood, Being Free and My Trips to Africa

In this powerful blog, Movement Maker Farah Tanis shares deep personal reflections on history, family, struggles, and triumphs – a personal revolution, clearing the way for a practice of deep and authentic self-care.


Young Women Envisioning Liberation.

Upon returning from the Move to End Violence international learning exchange in South Africa, Movement Maker Lorena Estrella set to work to find a way to engage youth at Sadie Nash in discussion about liberation. In this blog, Lorena explores her own learnings and reflections that inspired her to create an activity/tool which she has shared for your use.


Lessons from South Africa

In this 2-part podcast Prevent Connect/California Coalition Against Sexual Assault podcast series, Movement Maker David Lee joins fellow movement makers Andrew Sta. Ana of Day One, Quentin Walcott of CONNECT, Ed Heisler of Men as Peacemakers to discuss the impact of visiting South Africa

and reflect how those lessons impact the role of men in the movement to end domestic violence and sexual assault. Listen to the Podcasts

Moving and Shaking

There’s so much to tell you about the Movement Makers–where they are, what they’re doing, and what they’re learning and thinking, that we’ve devoted an entire newsletter to their leadership–did you see our recent first edition?

As always, we invite you to follow along on Facebook, Twitter, and on our blog, On the Move

Until Next Time,

Jackie Payne


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Self Care

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