Several Movement Makers and allied leaders have come together to launch #survivorsvote, a get-out-the-vote initiative, to lift up the voices of survivors.


We are survivors. We choose to lead with radical love in radical connection for radical liberation

This is time of tremendous hatred towards women, people of color, immigrants, indigenous people, refugees, people with disabilities, and anyone who is “other.” The time is now to raise our collective voices to transform the national conversations.

While the national conversations are deeply personal and traumatic for survivors of multiple forms of oppression and violence, we are coming together to tell our stories. Stories of triumph and stories of resilience matter. It’s time to make our voices heard.

Will you share your story and take a stand as a survivor or ally who votes? 

Survivors Vote

Tell Your Story

  • Submit your video or photo story directly to our tumbler page at http://survivorsvote.tumblr.com/submit . Or you can email your videos and/or photos to survivorsvote@gmail.com (instructions listed below)
  • Update your social media profiles and cover photos with the images below.
  • Share the #SurvivorsVote campaign with your networks.


Photo Format

  • Take a photo holding a sign with #IAmASuvivor #SurvivorsVote (feel free to write the sign yourself or print any of the images in this email).


Video Format

We are looking for survivors and movement leaders to record 20-30 second videos claiming your survivor or ally identity, and your political agency and power. Feel of the video: like you are talking to your friends / sisters about your power as a survivor and your political power.

  • Name and who you are
  • Identity as a survivor or ally of survivors (bring in your inseparable and multiple identities – woman of color, survivor, immigrant, and/or your values).
  • Some of the talking points below – or other similar talking points that are in your voice / relate to your work.
  • Speak to your lived experience and how and what we value as a society
  • Speak to the values that will create the conditions for all of us to thrive
  • Closing tagline
    • I am a survivor and I vote. #survivorsvote
    • I believe survivors and I vote. #survivorsvote
    • I am in solidarity with survivors and I vote. #survivorsvote


For a flyer to distribute to your community, click here.

Social Media Profile Photo Options



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#SurvivorsVote is a nonpartisan get-out-the-vote campaign to encourage civic engagement. #SurvivorsVote does not endorse or oppose any candidate for public office.  For more information on 501 c (3)s on permitted nonpartisan election efforts click here.

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