The Move to End Violence Call to Action is a Call to Win

The Move to End Violence Call to Action is a Call to Win

If I allow myself to believe in “fate” – I would say that there are many experiences in my life that have landed me in this Move to End Violence cohort. These experiences include: surviving and learning from childhood sexual abuse and later violent sexual assault; many years organizing for economic justice with immigrant women hotel workers, sewing and laundry factory workers who built unions as a way to build power to prevent sexual violence and economic injustice in their workplaces and communities; working with online campaigns and national organizations to learn about scalable organizing and organizing at scale; working with the immigrant women leaders in the National Domestic Workers Alliance to transform work, how care is valued, labor laws and restrictions on global migration. Are all these experience leading me here “fate”? Is it “the universe conspiring”? Or is a series of choices, guided by hurt, resilience, strength and love. Maybe it’s both.

Whatever else, the support of loved ones and courage of others has landed me here. The intersection of the personal and political could not be more intertwined for me in the big-picture strategic questions we are called to take up in this cohort.

I’m so inspired and challenged by our cohort’s call to action. Here’s why: our cohort has such a rare and necessary gift. This opportunity presents space, time, and resources to think and act with women leaders from various sectors about what we need to do to win.

What is winning? To me, “winning” means collectively making concrete, structural improvements in our lives and doing it on a large scale in ways that are sustainable. “Really winning” – in the broadest context –means women, girls and all people are seen, respected and holding power for self-determination of our communities and economic system.

What does it take to win? This is the question that is with me every day. I don’t like losing. I’m not very good at it.

The reason I’m excited to participate in Move to End Violence is because it is an opportunity to figure out with others how we can transform the sector of service provision for women and girls into a movement that is a leading force for economic and social justice for women, and for all people. To win, really win, we need this movement to be leading in the eco-system of other movements and organizations in the broad progressive movement. The leadership of this sector is the only way to steer the entire progressive economic justice movement towards transformation –towards really winning.

Both in my work with my sisters and brother in our Move to End Violence cohort, as well as in my blog posts here, I want to challenge myself to reflect on examples of the kinds of initiatives that will help us win — win big.

I’m excited to do this with you. More to come…

Jodeen Olguin-Tayler
Jodeen Olguin-Tayler
Head of Partnerships & Strategic Growth
B Lab Global

Whether it be through strategic planning, building national field infrastructure, running civic engagement programs, online campaigning, or organizing and advocacy, Jodeen is recognized by the field for leading innovative projects that build cross-sector strategic partnerships and advance values-based campaigns. Learn More

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