Videos from Our International Exchange in Mesoamerica

Videos from Our International Exchange in Mesoamerica

Almost a year ago, Move to End Violence joined JASS to bring organizers from across Mesoamerica and across the U.S. together for an International Exchange. JASS, or Just Associates, is an international movement-building support network that strengthens the voice, collective organizing power and safety of women activists and movements. Together, these two organizations and our communities spent 10 days building cross-border connections, sharing their stories and strategies of resistance, and dreaming collectively.  The International Exchange has been a crucial part of how the MEV program grounds ourselves in the power of transnational movement-building and addressing the root causes of violence against girls and womxn around the world. You can learn more about MEV’s International Exchange here, and read the on the ground blogs that detail our daily experiences and learnings.

Congressperson Sandra Morán
Our group meeting with Congressperson Sandra Morán during the Intercambio, the first openly LGBT person elected to the national legislature in Guatemala and co-founder of Sector de Mujeres.

We are excited to share that we now have short videos taken during our time in Guatemala, with accompanying blog posts that offer more context and suggested reflection questions. Our invitation to you is to take 30 minutes to watch all four videos because they each offer distinct insights into what we have learned and continue to learn about how to build transnational solidarity. Perhaps when the emails have slowed down in the coming weeks, and time doesn’t feel like it’s escaping – you will have space to watch these videos, share it with friends and colleagues, find resonance, and perhaps share back your questions and curiosities.

The questions provided after each blog post are to support you in using the videos to spark deeper reflection on movement-building and to possibly ignite action steps for you/your organization.

Thank you for joining us on this learning journey!

Video 1: Intercambio Highlights 

Video 2: Coming Together 

Video 3: Intersections in Our Work

Video 4: Invitation to Solidarity 



ramelcy uribe
ramelcy uribe
Program Manager
Move to End Violence

ramelcy uribe (She, Hers, They) is the Program Manager for Move to End Violence. She is a Black dominicana from The South Bronx with experience as a youth worker and consciousness-raising educator who creates and supports nurturing justice spaces. Learn More

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