Cohort 5 Movement Maker Application

Thank you for your interest in MEV’s application for Cohort 5. The application closed on May 15, 2020. All applicants have been notified about next steps. We will announce the members of Cohort 5 in November 2020. Please contact us at if you have questions. 


This cohort will join the community of Movement Maker alumni (learn more about Cohorts 1, 2,  3, and 4) working to strengthen the U.S.-based movement to end violence against trans and cis girls and women and gender nonconforming folks. Through convenings, workshops, skill training, coaching, and a community of allies, members of Cohort 5 will have a unique and transformational opportunity to powerfully contribute to movements for social change.

Are you interested in becoming a Movement Maker?

We are looking for people who are hungry to explore what is needed as leaders, organizations, and as a movement in order to have great impact and who want to begin that transformation now.

As a cohort, this group will explore intersecting forms of oppression in our lives and work, and innovate on practices rooted in liberation, equity, healing and wholeness as antidotes to violence. They will help strengthen a movement that is both committed to racial equity as an element of gender justice and to ending racism as a form of gender-based violence. Movement Makers will work collaboratively with alumni and allies to build critical connections among a strong community of change-makers with deep relationships, a shared sense of the horizon, and a commitment to moving forward together to end violence against trans and cis girls and women and gender non-conforming folks.

In the fifth cohort, we will accept 15-18 Movement Makers. The application closed on May 15th, 2020. We will announce the members of Cohort 5 in November 2020.

We hosted two informational calls — one on February 28th and one on March 2nd. You may request a recording of these calls.

Please read on to learn more about the application process. This information is also available as downloadable documents:

Information Packet

Application (For preview only)

Support for Application (For preview only)

Q&A from Informational Calls


Who Should Apply

We are looking for people who are passionate about strengthening collaborative U.S.-based movements to end violence against girls and women – trans, cis, and gender non-conforming folks and see it as a significant part of their life’s work. The goal of this program is to practice transformational movement-building – which requires us to stretch, be uncomfortable, and experiment. We are looking for leaders who will come to this program with openness and a willingness to try new things, and who have political homes to bring their learnings back to. Applicants must be based at an organization or a fiscally-sponsored project that is committed to ending gender-based violence.

We are committed to engaging Movement Makers from and working in marginalized communities, especially those being targeted in these political times. We strongly encourage movement leaders with the following identities (in no particular order) and/or doing work with these communities to apply:

  1. Based in the South, particularly the Southeast, the Southwest, and rural communities;
  2. Disabled or Differently Abled;
  3. Folks working to dismantle the carceral state;
  4. Indigenous, Native American, Black, of African descent, Migrant/Immigrant, Muslim;
  5. Preferred or first language is not Standard American English;
  6. Queer, Lesbian, Bisexual, Pansexual, Asexual and other sexually expansive identities;
  7. Survivor of gender-based and/or intersectional violence;
  8. Transgender, Two Spirit, gender non-confirming, gender non-binary, and other gender expansive indentities; and
  9. Under 30.

Support for Application

Movements are made up of people and organizations. We are looking for applicants who are based at – and can bring along – powerful and effective organizations. Applicants must be housed within organizations or fiscally-sponsored projects that:

  • Support full participation of the applicant in the program (please see Support for Application section of application);
  • Demonstrate a commitment to ending violence against girls and women – trans, cis, and gender non-conforming folks through social change; OR focus on a different aspect of social justice work (other than ending violence against girls and women), but do so using a gender and racial justice lens and are strongly committed to cross-movement collaboration; and
  • Are consistent with NoVo Foundation’s mission, vision, and values.

Program Benefits

Over the course of this two-year program, Movement Makers have the opportunity to build community, grow as leaders, and tackle hard movement questions. By visioning together and exploring how we as individuals – along with our organizations and networks – need to transform, Movement Makers engage with the big picture questions that often feel impossible to contemplate when faced with day-to-day work.

The cohort will convene every few months to explore and practice what we consider to be fundamental elements to building a transformative movement, including Liberation and Equity, Transformational Leadership Development, and Movement-Building for Social Change. We aim to create convenings that are spacious, inspiring, and restorative, because we believe that these conditions allow us to be our most creative, thoughtful, and generous selves.

Learning and engagement will also take place between convenings. Movement Makers will continue to grow by participating in workshops and virtual learning, connecting with other Movement Makers in their region, integrating learnings in their organizations, and getting support for their leadership through coaching. They also become part of a larger community of curious and forward-thinking movement leaders who are hungry to approach their work in new ways and to have greater impact. They do powerful, important, and challenging work and build deep, lasting relationships while doing it.

  • What would I get out of participating in Move to End Violence?
    • The opportunity to participate in intensive, thought-provoking convenings in locations rooted in ancestral care and movement wisdom while making space for restoration and connection;
    • An international learning convening that provides the opportunity to learn from and with allied social justice leaders (participants who are not able to travel internationally will help shape and participate in alternative convening  in the U.S.);
    • Training, facilitation, and conversation with some of the country’s leaders in anti-oppression work, transformational leadership development, social change, and movement building;
    • A community of peer Movement Makers invested in your growth and ideas,  access to the larger Beloved Community of Move to End Violence;
    • Individual coaching support;
    • Continued investment in one’s own leadership and skills development;
    • The opportunity to develop and integrate transformative practices into one’s life, work, and organization.
  • How would my organization benefit if I participate in Move to End Violence?
    Organizations also get considerable benefits when a staff member participates in Move to End Violence.These include:

    • A two-year project grant, designed to cover 1) the time that the participant spends on Move to End Violence, and 2) additional costs for related movement building activities;
    • A three-year general operating grant to provide additional support;
    • Organizational coaching for transformation and an opportunity to apply for funds to ready your organization for deeper movement building;
    • Programming and resources designed to help integrate the learnings of Move to End Violence into your organization; and
    • Opportunities for staff and colleagues to participate in virtual and regional workshops.

Note: Grants described above are for participating 501c3 organizations. If an individual from another type of institution (i.e. government agency or foundation) is selected for the program, organizational benefits will be determined on a case-by-case basis.


Program Obligations & Requirements

This intensive program runs from September 2020 to December 2022. Averaged out over this 2-year period, participants should expect to spend up to 20% of their time (or one day per week) on Move to End Violence activities. This is a considerable amount of time, and we therefore ask that applicants and their organizational leaders think carefully about making this commitment. We encourage applicants to be in conversation and discernment with those they are accountable to in their work — whether that be senior leadership or an advisory board or a colleague to make sure this program is a good fit for all.

Part of this time commitment will be spent in attendance at six convenings:

Convening 1 December 7-11, 2020
Convening 2 March 22-26, 2021
Convening 3 September 20-29, 2021 – International Learning Convening
Convening 4 February 14-18, 2022
Convening 5 May 9-13, 2022
MEV Community Convening August 8-12, 2022

Other obligations will include: preparation for convenings; participation in webinars, conference calls, and other virtual communications; participation in structured organizational development work; individualized leadership coaching and conversations about bringing your Move to End Violence learnings back to your organization; helping to build critical connection and stronger networks by sharing your Move to End Violence learnings with wider audiences (presentations at staff meetings, presenting at conferences, blogs and other mechanisms); collaborating on movement building efforts; and providing sense-making, reflections, and feedback via written and oral evaluations.

How to Apply

The application for Cohort 5 closed on May 15, 2020. We will announce the members of Cohort 5 in November 2020.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are you looking for in an applicant?

The strongest applicants will be:

  • Dedicated to ending violence against girls and women – including cis, trans, and gender nonconforming folks;
  • Energized by what they know about the NoVo Foundation, Move to End Violence, and the work of the Movement Makers to date;
  • Movement-minded collaborators who value partnership and networked ways of working;
  • Self-reflective, in pursuit of personal growth, and committed to their own healing in addition to the healing of others;
  • Part of a political community where they can practice accountability, skills, and beloved community;
  • Open to transformative work – which requires a willingness to take risks, try new things, and be uncomfortable at times;
  • Self-defined leaders;
  • Intersectional thinkers whose analysis and approach to the work seeks to address how gender, racial, class, ability, and language inequity, as well as other forms of oppression compound to create systemic barriers to ending violence against girls and women – trans, cis, and gender non-conforming folks;
  • Ready to use grace, humor, humility, and heart to confront injustice while believing in and calling forth the best in self and others;
  • Open, forward thinkers in search of new solutions and agile enough to pivot when faced with obstacles; and
  • Strategic, creative and thoughtful around creating social change.

Your mission is to end violence against all girls and women. Is Move to End Violence inclusive of transgender and gender nonconforming folks?

Yes—this is fundamental to our values. We are deeply committed to ensuring that Move to End Violence is an inclusive and welcoming space for trans and gender nonconforming folks. From the beginning, we have deliberately centered girls and women in order to focus on the root causes of gender-based violence in a misogynistic and patriarchal society. Our commitment to ending violence encompasses all manifestations of violence, including gender-based violence experienced every day by trans and gender nonconforming people. In particular, Trans Women of Color experience devastating violence as a direct result of living at the intersections of misogyny, racism, and transphobia. Together, guided by the overall mission of the NoVo Foundation, we are working to build a world where all girls, all women, and all gender nonconforming people can live free from violence and discrimination.

How will you select participants?

Participants will be selected by a combination of Move to End Violence staff, faculty, and consultants. We will evaluate the individual applicant as well as the applicant’s organization. To be eligible for consideration, organizations must align with NoVo’s mission, vision, and values. Decisions will be based on the online application, individual interviews, an organizational site visit for finalists, and other information as requested.

When will participants be announced?

Participants for the fifth cohort will be announced in November 2020.

Do I have to live in the United States to be eligible?

Yes. Applicants must live in the U.S. to be eligible.

If the majority of my work is outside the United States, am I eligible?

No. To be eligible, the majority of your work must be focused on U.S. anti-violence movements.

What does the United States refer to? For example, what states, territories, etc.

The United States refers to all 50 states (contiguous and non-contiguous) in addition to territories, and Native American Indian reservations. We recognize that what is known as the United States is stolen land. Applications are welcome from those working to transform this colonial relationship.

I applied and was not accepted for a previous cohort. Can I apply for future cohorts?

Yes! If you were not selected for a previous cohort, you are welcome to apply for this one. We also invite you to take advantage of the virtual capacity building resources we offer on our website.

Can more than one person from the same organization apply to the program?

There is no limit on the number of applicants who may apply from an organization. Each applicant will be judged on their own merits. Each applicant must submit the Support for Application from the Executive Director or Board Chair, as appropriate.

Can more than one person from the same organization participate in the program?

It is possible but unlikely that more than one individual from an organization would be selected to participate in this final cohort.

I am a board member, volunteer, or consultant with the organization. Can I apply?

Applicants must be part-time or full-time paid staff of the organization they are applying with.

If I’m applying through a fiscal sponsor, is it necessary to be an employee of the sponsoring organization?

If applying through fiscal sponsorship, you will very likely be a full or part time employee on the fiscal sponsor’s payroll. The way fiscal sponsorship works is that if you are a paid employee of your project, that means that you are likely an employee of the fiscal sponsor, even if all your work is focused on your project. Fiscal sponsors need to be 501c3 organizations. Contractors and consultants, even if they have a staff role, are not eligible.

What is meant by employee? I’m applying through a fiscal sponsor, I have a staff role for the project, and I am a regularly paid consultant receiving checks from the fiscal sponsor. Does that qualify for eligibility?

No. Contractors and consultants, even if you have a staff role, are not eligible. We are holding “employee” to mean an individual who is hired and is paid regular wages or salary by their employer, in this case that is likely the fiscal sponsor, and is afforded the labor protections and rights offered to employees and is subject to the employer’s labor policies. If you apply through fiscal sponsorship, you are likely a part-time or full-time employee on the payroll of the fiscal sponsor. The way fiscal sponsorship works is that if you are a paid employee of your project, that means you are likely an employee of the fiscal sponsor, even if all of your work is focused on your project. Fiscal sponsors must be 501c3 organizations.

If you are currently a contractor or consultant and plan to transition to being an employee, you will need to do so before the application deadline in order to be eligible for the MEV cohort.

What if I am already a grantee of the NoVo Foundation?

Individuals working for organizations that are current grantees of the NoVo Foundation are encouraged to submit an application to the program. All of the benefits and responsibilities described here will apply, with the possible exception of the general support grant. Whether or not the organization will receive an additional general support grant, as well as the amount and duration of that grant, will depend on the terms of the organization’s existing NoVo grant. All decisions will be determined on a case-by-case basis by the NoVo Foundation.

What role will the NoVo Foundation play in the program?

Move to End Violence is a program of the NoVo Foundation. NoVo’s board and staff are intimately involved in the design and implementation of the program. They participate in many aspects of the convenings and some intersession work as part of their commitment to explore and practice how to shift power dynamics and build deeper relationships between funders and grantees in movement building.

Who is The Raben Group and how are they connected with Move to End Violence?

Move to End Violence is administered by a team of consultants working in deep partnership with staff of the NoVo Foundation. This team is based at The Raben Group, a progressive public affairs consulting firm. Learn more about the firm here.

How long is the program?

Move to End Violence was designed as a 10-year program, and each cohort cycle lasts about two years. The program is iterative, with each cohort building upon the work and thinking of those that came before. Even though Move to End Violence is sunsetting in 2023, we hope Movement Makers will continue to be engaged in the alumni network, the movement at large, and other NoVo programming and opportunities.

What is the time commitment for Movement Makers?

Between convenings, workshops, and intersession work, the total time commitment is about one day per week for about 2 years, or about 20% of a typical work week. Much of that time is during actual in-person events, such as convenings and workshops. Outside of those gatherings, Movement Makers will be responsible for preparation for convenings, working with a leadership coach, advancing their organizational development work, sharing the learning with organizational and movement colleagues, and providing evaluation and feedback. Movement Makers will actively engage with the Move to End Violence community over the course of the program via email, conference calls, webinars, and other movement building opportunities.

In what ways does Move to End Violence support individual needs for such an intensive program?

We have learned much from healing, language, and disability justice movements on what it means to create spaces where people’s needs are anticipated and met, whether the needs be around learning, physical needs, or accessibility. We are committed to providing a meaningful learning environment for all participants and will work individually and, when appropriate, collectively on creating spaces that are nourishing and accessible. Please let us know what accommodations would support your participation, and we welcome guidance on how best to do so.

We recognize that often care work falls to women and femmes, which can create barriers for their participation. While dependent care is not the only barrier to participating, it can be a very real one. If you are willing to make the intense time commitment to Move to End Violence, we want to help make it work for you. Travel support for dependents and caregivers for domestic convenings*, caregiver stipends, and other creative solutions for dependent care during convenings are available.
*Please note that dependents and caregivers are not able to accompany Movement Makers on the international convening.

What if I cannot attend one or more of the convenings?

Barring extraordinary circumstances, it is a requirement for all participants to fully participate in every cohort convening. If you cannot commit to blocking off those dates when applying, it is recommended that you do not apply. If you do not apply but would like to remain connected to the MEV community in other ways you can learn more here.

If you are unable to travel internationally, please do not consider that a barrier to applying. We will work with Movement Makers who cannot attend the international convening to develop alternative activities (reading groups, domestic site visits, domestic convening etc) that will supplement the cohort’s collective experience.

What grants will my organization receive if I am selected for this program?

Participating 501c3 organizations will receive a three-year general support grant and a two-year project support grant to cover the Movement Maker’s time spent on Move to End Violence activities and costs for related movement-building work. The amount of the grant will be determined by the NoVo Foundation. If the organization is a current grantee of the NoVo Foundation, NoVo staff will determine on a case-by-case basis if any additional general support funding will be awarded. Additionally, each participating 501c3 advocacy organization will be eligible to apply for a grant to support organizational transformation for deeper movement-building.

Both grants require periodic reporting and are subject to all other grantmaking guidelines of the NoVo Foundation. If an applicant from another type of institution (i.e. government agency or foundation) is accepted into the program these grants may not apply and will be decided on a case-by-case basis.

What happens if I leave my organization during the course of the program?

This program is intended to operate at the individual, organizational, and movement levels. When applying for this program, applicants should genuinely anticipate staying in their current organization for the next two years. However, we know that circumstances change. Should a participant leave their organization during the course of the program, decisions regarding the ongoing participation of the individual and organization will be determined by NoVo in consultation with MEV staff based on the specific circumstances of the case. Our priority will be on strategic investments that strengthen the movement’s capacity to effect lasting social change.

What commitment does my organization need to make in order for me to be part of this program?

Your organization needs to commit to full participation in the program, by both the individual and the organization. We require that each applicant’s Executive Director (or Senior Leadership) complete and sign the Support for Application (SFA) form, which stipulates all of the commitments that the organization must make. If you, the applicant, are the most senior person at the organization then the Board Chair or Advisory Council must give their approval. If your organization or fiscal sponsor does not have these exact positions, a senior colleague in an equivalent position, that you are accountable to in your day-to-day work may fill out the form instead. If you are unclear about who could or should complete your SFA form please contact us at

What if my Senior Leadership does not support my application?

This program is highly intensive and requires time, energy, and resources from both the individual and the organization. You need to be supported in freeing up your time to fully participate and you need organizational buy-in to share back the learnings with your colleagues to ensure that the benefit of this experience extends to a critical mass of leaders beyond you. Therefore, we can only consider applicants who demonstrate total and complete support from their senior organizational leadership.

Move to End Violence is sunsetting in 2023. How will the Sunset impact my participation in this cohort? How will NoVo continue to support the U.S.-based movement to end violence against girls and women – trans, cis, and gender-nonconforming folks – once the program has ended?

MEV was always designed as a time-limited program. To help inform how we close responsibly, we are looking for the support of the community of Movement Maker alumni, former faculty and coaches, and other movement leaders, to collect and share the critical stories, learnings, and gifts that have emerged throughout this program through a ‘Storytelling Arc.’ This Arc aims to ensure that these important resources remain accessible to our current community and our future generations.

The sunset will happen after the completion of cohort 5. You will be invited to participate in activities as part of our close. However, these will all be voluntary and will not take away from your cohort experience.

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