Movement Makers

Every two years, Move to End Violence partners with a group of inspired individuals from the thousands of talented leaders working to end violence against all girls and women in the U.S.  Over the course of their work together, these individuals strengthen their capacity in the areas of Transformative Leadership Development, Liberation and Equity, Organizational Development, and Movement Building for Social Change, in order to build power in their communities and the movement. We call them Movement Makers.

Find Movement Makers

M.L. Daniel's headshot

M.L. Daniel

Cohort 3

Spiritual Alchemy

Sandy Davidson's headshot

Sandy Davidson

Cohort 3

Cristine Davidson's headshot

Cristine Davidson

Cohort 3
Business and Development Specialist
Minnesota Indian Women’s Sexual Assault Coalition

Lorena Estrella's headshot

Lorena Estrella

Cohort 3

Alexis Flanagan's headshot

Alexis Flanagan

Cohort 3
Learning and Practice Director

Ed Heisler's headshot

Ed Heisler

Cohort 3
Co-Executive Director
Men As Peacemakers

Vivian Huelgo's headshot

Vivian Huelgo

Cohort 3
Chief Counsel
ABA Commission on Domestic & Sexual Violence

Ariel Jacobson's headshot

Ariel Jacobson

Cohort 3

Vivian Jojola's headshot

Vivian Jojola

Cohort 3

David S. Lee's headshot

David S. Lee

Cohort 3
Director of Prevention Education
California Coalition Against Sexual Assault

Patina Park's headshot

Patina Park

Cohort 3
Executive Director
Minnesota Indian Women's Resource Center

Maria Rodriguez's headshot

Maria Rodriguez

Cohort 3
Executive Director
Florida Immigrant Coalition

Ana Romero's headshot

Ana Romero

Cohort 3
Director of New Initiatives
Chicago Workers' Collective

Lynn Rosenthal's headshot

Lynn Rosenthal

Cohort 3
The Center for Family Safety and Healing

Edith Sargon's headshot

Edith Sargon

Cohort 3
Facilitator, Trainer and Organizer

Andrew Sta. Ana's headshot

Andrew Sta. Ana

Cohort 3
Supervising Attorney
Day One

Farah Tanis's headshot

Farah Tanis

Cohort 3
Executive Director
Black Women's Blueprint

Karen Tronsgard-Scott's headshot

Karen Tronsgard-Scott

Cohort 3
Executive Director
Vermont Network Against Domestic and Sexual Violence

Quentin Walcott's headshot

Quentin Walcott

Cohort 3
Co-Executive Director

Jamia Wilson's headshot

Jamia Wilson

Cohort 3
Executive Director and Publisher
Feminist Press at City University of New York