21-Day Challenge: Self-Care for Sustainability & Impact

21-Day Challenge: Self-Care for Sustainability & Impact



To achieve lasting social change, we need a movement that is driven by powerful, creative and impactful individuals who can stay in this work for the long-haul. To show up as our most innovative and strategic selves, we need to consciously practice self-care!  At Move to End Violence we call this self-care for sustainability and impact—and it is one of our core practices.

Move to End Violence created the 21-Day Challenge as a resource individuals and organizations to practice self-care for sustainability and impact. A new challenge starts the first Tuesday of every month . Sign-up for a future challenge!

How the Challenge Works: Starting on day 1 of the challenge, you’ll receive daily prompts to help you become more aware of your habits around self-care and to begin to shift those habits into more sustainable, mindful practices. We encourage you to sign up with a friend or colleague, and to share your daily experience with us via social media with the hashtag #selfcare4impact!

Set Yourself Up for Success: Breaking habits and starting new practices can be hard to do but you can do it for yourself and for our movement! Here are a few ways to set yourself up for success:

  • Tell Someone About Your Commitment. Saying it out loud (or online) can make a big difference in keeping this commitment to yourself. Go ahead. You’re worth it.
  • Get A Friend or Colleague To Do the Challenge With You.  Everything is better with a buddy. Organize others to do this with you. Check in on how things are going with each other.
  •  Share Your Experience on Facebook and Twitter. Be an active part of our practice community and help motivate others by sharing your experience via photos, videos, tweets, posts, and reflections with the hashtag #selfcare4impact. Comfortable learning out loud? Email us about your experience or blog about it!


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