Research Initiatives of Move to End Violence

Research Initiatives of Move to End Violence

Move to End Violence, a program of the NoVo Foundation, funds research to expand the movement’s understanding of what captures attention and motivates action on issues related to violence against girls and women in the United States.

Research plays a critical role in creating social change by identifying who you go talk to, when you go talk to them, and what you go tell them. — Celinda Lake, Lake Research Partners

In 2012, we conducted a significant study of public opinion on violence against girls and women to establish a baseline for tracking changes in attitudes over time. We learned that people are supportive of ending violence against girls and women because they believe it’s the right thing to do, but their support—and willingness to act—is fairly passive.

In 2014, we conducted a second round of research that included focus groups and an online survey to better understand what we as a movement can do to inspire stronger support that translates into action. In addition, we designed this round to reflect broad diversity, including a look at voters, nonvoters, people who are highly interested in civic and political issues (i.e., the “attentive public” in research lingo), and the African American, Asian and Pacific Islander, Latino/a, Native American, and White communities.

We are committed to an open-source approach to this research, in hopes that as many individuals and organizations working in the field can benefit from the findings. Below please find resources from both rounds of research for your use.


2014 Research:

Research Into Action Guide, a downloadable tool for using the findings from the 2014 research in your daily work
Webinar: Effective Strategies for Inspiring Audiences to Take Action

2012 Research:

Executive Summary of Key Findings
Video Recording of Lead Researcher, Celinda Lake, Sharing the Key Findings

Want to learn more about the role of research in social change?


Roadmap to Social change by Celinda Lake

How Can Public Opinion Research Make Us More Strategic, interview with Pramila Jayapal

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The survey we used is available for your use in English, Cantonese, Spanish, and Vietnamese. Request this by sending us an email.

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