Resources, Tools, and Articles in response to COVID-19

Resources, Tools, and Articles in response to COVID-19

Title imageIn these times of instability and loss, we deeply appreciate the many ways our communities and movements are drawing on practices of emergence, adaptation, resilience, and innovation to counter the violence being wreaked all around us. 

We want to honor all of the great resources coming forward in response to COVID-19, and we know it can be overwhelming. We’ve created this page where free resources, tools, and reading materials can live, especially those offered by women of color and gender non-conforming folks. There’s a breadth of wisdoms here, and we hope this will be a space where folks can address immediate needs and come back to over time.

New tools and resources are being developed every day. We will keep this page updated as best we can. Please email to suggest a resource that isn’t already included here.


Trusted News Sources


Centers for Disease Control (English y Español)

New York Times – free access (English)

General public health announcements and instructions – audio announcements, fact sheets and posters (Español)

Immigrant Assistance Line (English y Español)


Resources for Survivors, Advocates, and

Sexual Assault and Domestic Violence Programs


Sexual Assault Awareness Month: Policy Actions to Support Survivors during COVID-19 (English)

Bystander Intervention Training to Stop Anti-Asian/American and Xenophobic Harassment (English)

Information on COVID-19 for Survivors, Communities, and DV/SA Programs (English)

Resources on the Response to the Coronavirus (English)

Strengthening Communities of Care for Survivors: A COVID-19 response Emergency Call for BIPOC + LGBTQ Direct Service Providers – call notes, audio recording (English)

“What Do You Need” A Needs Assessment and Resource Information Storage Tool (English)

Mantenerse segurx durante COVID-19 (Español)

COVID-19 and Girls’ Rights Globally (English)

Know Your Rights During COVID-19 (English)

Cómo Operar como un Centro de Trabajo Remoto Durante una Crisis de Salud Pública (Español)

How to Operate as a Remote Workplace During a Public Health Crisis (English)

Preguntas Frecuentes sobre las Cortes y el COVID-19 (Español)

La respuesta de los promotores a la comunidad frente a la COVID-19: Parte 1 (Español)

La respuesta de los promotores a la comunidad frente a la COVID-19: Parte 2 (Español)


Healing Justice & Collective Care


MEV Resources


Self-Led Healing Arts Workshops (English y Español)

Why we responded to the COVID-19 crisis by reducing our work week (English)

Coronavirus. Guía psicológica para su afrontamiento. (Español)

Healthcare access for Undocumented Folks in the Time of COVID-19 (English)

Care Package: Poems, meditations, films, and other cultural nutrients (English)

Ancestral Spiritual Resistance Zine – For Our Collective Healing (English y Español)

Coronavirus: Wisdom from a Social Justice Lens (English)

Holistic Support for Immunity and Virus Protection (English)

Care in Uncertain Times Syllabus (English)

Coronavirus Resources Gathered by generative somatics (English)

Coping with Corona Collective (English y Español)

Self-Love in the Time of Coronavirus (English)

COVID-19 Guidelines for QTPOC Mental Health Practitioners (English)

Latinx Therapists Action Network (English y Español)


Mutual Aid Coordination


Map of Mutual Aid Hubs (English)

Homemade Masks for the Movement (English)

Sign up for COVID-19 Mutual Aid Network Slack Channel (English)

Mutual Aid During COVID-19 (English)

Coronavirus Resource Kit (English)

COVID-19 Mutual Aid and Advocacy Resources (English)

Database of Localized Resources During COVID-19 (English)

Pod Mapping for Mutual Aid (English)

Half Assed Disabled Prepper Tips for Preparing for a Coronavirus Quarantine (English)

Fat-Assed Prepper Survival Tips for Preparing for a Coronavirus Quarantine (English)

The Coronavirus: What Trans People Need to Know (English)

COVID-19 Recursos Para Comunidades Indocumentadas (English y Español)


Financial Resources and Places to Support


#ShareMyCheck pledge to donate your stimulus check (English)

Americans for the Arts COVID-19 Resources (English)

Children of Restaurant Employees Fund (English)

Emergency Funding for Freelance Artists (English)

Immigrant Worker Safety Net Fund (English)

Southern Black Girls & Women’s Consortium COVID-19 Rapid Response Fund (English)

#WeFeedUs relief fund for workers who make up our food chain (English)

COVID-19 Mutual Aid Fund for LGBTQI+ BIPOC Folks (English)

National Domestic Workers Alliance Coronavirus Care Fund (English, Español)

Fund for Trans Generations Rapid Response Fund (English) – read a shared statement from funders on their commitment to trans communities during COVID-19 in English, en Español

SUSU Rapid Response Support for Black Feminists (English)

Emergent Fund: People’s Bailout (English)

Queer Writers of Color Relief Fund (English)

COVID-19 Trans/Queer Relief Form (English)

Coronvirus Tipped and Service Worker Support Fund (English, ayuda en Español)

Humanitarian Migrant Fund (English)

Native American Community Response Fund for COVID-19 (English)

Farmworkers’ COVID-19 Pandemic Relief Fund (English)

12 Coronavirus Funds that Will Help the Most Vulnerable (English)

40+ Mutual Aid Efforts (English)



Resources to Access Government/Public Support


An Overview of COVID-19 Federal Packages prepared by The Raben Group (English)

CARES Act: How to Apply for Nonprofit Relief Funds (English)

National Council of Nonprofits CARES ACT resources (English)

COVID-19: What Nonprofits Should Do Right Now (English)

Immigrant Workers’ Eligibility for Unemployment Insurance (English)

COVID-19 and the Law for Small Businesses (English)

COVID-19 Student Loan Aid Tool (English)

Pandemic Unemployment Assistance (English)

Dear Non-Profits, Small Businesses, Artists, Freelancers, Gig Workers, Self-Employers, Part-Timers, and Solo Shop Warriors Wondering What’s Next: This Money is For You. Please Take It. (English)

Coronavirus Emergency Loans Small Business Guide (English y Español)


Intergenerational & for Young People


MEV Community Providing Virtual Programming for Young People


Boogie Down Books Free Virtual Programming (English)


How to talk with kids about Coronavirus (English)

A kids book about COVID-19 (English, Español)

Books to Combat Xenophobia (English)

How to Support Elders Without Putting Them at Risk (English)

Zinn Education Project Searchable Curriculum (English)

AfroResistance read alouds with young people (English, Español)


Organizing, Campaigns, and Platforms


MEV Resources on Forward Stance 


Grassroots Global Justice Alliance Weekly Response Calls (English, Español) 

Movement 4 Black Lives National Demands for COVID-19 (English)

#FreeThemAll National Virtual Week of Action: Defend Survivors, End Carceral Feminism (English)

Center for Popular Democracy survey on COVID-19 test access (English)

Resources for organizers, campaigners, and digital strategists to respond to coronavirus (English)

#Coronavirus and the disability community (English)

Call for a Feminist COVID-19 Policy (English)

Intersections of Justice in the Time of Coronavirus (English)

A Town Hall on Anti-Asian Racism: Race, Struggle, & Solidarity (English)

A Decarceration Response to COVID-19 (English)

Organizing in a Time of Approaching Pandemic (English)

Transformative Movement-Building: Strategic Navigation (English, Español)

Mapping Our Social Change Roles in Times of Crisis (English)

Online Advocacy During Coronavirus (English)

A Forced Stop Cries Out for a RESET (English)

COVID-19 Racial Equity & Social Justice Resources (English)

Movement Building in the Time of the Coronavirus (English)

Reimagining Strategy in Context of COVID-19 Crisis: A Triage Tool (English)

8 Tips for Framing COVID-19 (English)

Hotline for practical advice for nonprofits on civic engagement and advocacy (English)

Training for Change Tools for Online Meetings (English)

Webinar series to help nonprofit leaders adapt and thrive (English)


Philanthropy and Foundations


National Committee for Responsive Philanthropy: Favorite Funder Responses (English)

“Why Should It Take a Pandemic to Bring Out the Best in Philanthropy?” (English)

What Philanthropy Can Do Today to Support Grantees (English)

A Call to Action: Philanthropy’s Commitment During COVID-19 (English)

Using a Racial Justice Lens Now (English)

6 Steps for Grant Makers to Take Now to Ensure Nonprofits Recover from Coronavirus Spread (English)



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