A Decade of Strengthening Movements to End Violence

A Decade of Strengthening Movements to End Violence

Move to End Violence will sunset in December 2022

When Move to End Violence launched in 2010, it was designed as a ten year program to strengthen movements to end violence against all girls and women.

We are now turning more of our attention toward the work of closing out this program, which will wrap up by December 2022. It’s a process that has already begun and continues to unfold. 

What do we mean by “sunset”?

MEV as an active program will close in December 2022. After that time, we will no longer offer any workshops or convenings, we will no longer have new funding opportunities for alumni, MEV materials and its digital presence will no longer be managed and updated, and the program staff will transition on to new opportunities. 

However, many things at the heart of MEV will continue. NoVo will honor existing grant agreements whose timeframes are past MEV’s end date, including for all of Cohort 5. The relationships between Movement Makers, their organizations, facilitators and coaches, staff, and other members of the extended MEV community will continue to endure, evolve, and bear new fruit. The stories, lessons, and impact of what we have collectively created will live on through our website, through our partner organizations, and other homes.   

Who will be involved?

A key part of this is documenting and sharing the important learnings and impact of this initiative, and the stories and visions of our community. Our sunset process is collaborative and involves the close to 100 Movement Makers who have been part of our five cohorts, partners like Resistance Communications and Social Policy Research Associates, and the larger MEV community. 

We are working to ensure that this process is values-aligned, generative, and offers our community an opportunity to celebrate, document and bring closure to this project. 

What’s next?

Stay tuned for more, and make sure you’re signed up for our email newsletter to get updates about our work in this final phase, as well as following us on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. If you have specific questions related to the sunset, please email Priscilla Hung, phung@rabengroup.com

We are grateful for this opportunity to figure out what it means to end well, and we are energized to reflect on and document the many stories and learnings. Thank you for being on this journey with us!

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