Core Practices

Core Practices

Throughout Move to End Violence, we employ five fundamental practices to support our development in the areas of transformative leadership, liberation from oppression, organizational development, movement building, and social change.

All Movement Makers experience and utilize these practices as part of their participation in Move to End Violence:

60/40 Stance: Forward Stance + Transformation

60/40 Stance applies experiential learning to the concepts of individual, organizational, and societal change. In Move to End Violence, 60/40 Stance work is made up of two pieces: Forward Stance and deep personal transformation. Forward Stance is a mind-body approach that emphasizes proactive and strategic actions to build successful and sustainable movements. In order to achieve these outcomes at a movement level, we must first examine ourselves, with an openness to fully realizing our individual potential.

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Strategic Thinking

Strategic thinking is an ongoing practice that develops the skills of seeing and being open to multiple possibilities; anticipating impact and consequences; and making timely choices.

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Self-Care for Sustainability and Impact

To create lasting social change, we need a transformative movement that is powerful, resilient, creative, and impactful. This is only possible when we value and care for our movement’s most precious resources—our people and our selves.

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Using an Intersectional Approach

In order to find solutions that will end violence against all girls and women, we must understand and address the multiple, compounding oppressions that create barriers to justice, including sexism, racism, and classism.

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Beloved Community

In order to achieve a future in which every girl and woman is valued, respected, and empowered to reach her full potential, we must find new ways to be with ourselves and each other, rooted in love, compassion, and grace.

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Self Care

Self Care

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