Core Program Elements

Core Program Elements

How do we create the change we want to see in the world?

This is exactly what we’re exploring at Move to End Violence, a program of the NoVo Foundation. Over the course of this 10 year initiative, Move to End Violence is working with change agents dedicated to ending violence against all girls and women, including cis and trans women and those who are gender non-conforming, to figure out how we can move towards a world free of violence, where everyone can realize their full potential.

To help build the capacity of this movement, Move to End Violence’s program focuses on conversations, explorations, training, and practice in convenings with Movement Makers, in regional workshop offerings, and online in the following areas:

Beloved Community

Beloved CommunityIn order to achieve a future in which every girl and woman is valued, respected, and empowered to reach her full potential, we must find new ways to be with ourselves and each other, rooted in love, compassion, and grace.

Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. popularized the idea of “Beloved Community” — a world void of oppression, discrimination, violence, and bigotry that is fueled instead by friendship, good will, and deep human connection.

At Move to End Violence, we embrace Dr. King’s vision of a Beloved Community by embedding community-building and relationship building into everything we do. We cultivate practices such as sharing our cultures, heritage, ancestors, gifts and strengths, histories, lived experiences, and truths – as well as our questions, dilemmas, and learning edges. These practices help us to show up fully as ourselves in movement-building spaces, build authentic relationships with one another, take risks in service of our transformation, and hold ourselves and each other accountable as we work together. View All Beloved Community Resources

Liberation and Equity

Liberation and EquitySystemic oppressions, including oppression based on race, gender, and class, impact us all – from how we experience violence to the solutions available to us, from the biases we hold to the privileges we have. In order to envision and create a world free from violence and with justice for all, we need to strengthen our intersectional analysis, deepen our understanding of the interlocking systems that stand in our way, and engage in liberatory practices. Through relationship building, developing shared language and analysis, and centering histories, we practice how to show up grounded and powerfully in these dialogues, how to interrupt dominant culture habits, and how to center equity and liberated ways of being. View All Liberation and Equity Resources

Transformational Leadership Development

Transformational Leadership DevelopmentBuilding movements for social change requires powerful leaders who are purpose-centered, adaptive, and able to hold complexity across systems. Through training and leadership coaching, we help Movement Makers understand their purpose and core strengths, identify the barriers that hold them back, and unleash their full potential. View All Transformational Leadership Development Resources

Organizational Development

Organizational DevelopmentLeaders, even the most visionary, cannot do this work alone. Strong, healthy organizations that understand their unique contributions are needed to power the ideas and change we want. Through workshops, technical assistance, and other organizational supports, we work with Movement Makers and their organizations to help identify their strengths and their most powerful contribution within the context of a movement ecosystem and to set a path for increasing their organization’s capacity to effectively engage in social change work. View All Organizational Development Resources

Movement Building for Social Change

Movement Building for Social ChangeStrong leaders and healthy organizations are critical, but we can’t achieve true social change without working collaboratively to leverage our collective power. At Move to End Violence, we work with Movement Makers, their organizations and allies to develop a shared vision of the world we are trying to create and foster a deep sense of inter-connectedness. We also work together to strengthen our strategic thinking skills, deepen our intersectional analysis, and learn lessons from our own social change efforts and those of sister movements in order to build the capacity of this movement to develop and execute visionary, long-term strategies to address the root causes of violence and alter the systems and balances of power that maintain the status quo. View All Movement Building Resources








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