Our Story

Our Story

Movement Makers Gather to Work on Their Vision for Ending Violence Against Girls and Women in the U.S.
Movement Makers Gather to Work on Their Vision for Ending Violence Against Girls and Women in the U.S.

Our Story/Our Vision:

Move to End Violence grew out of the NoVo Foundation’s vision of a future in which girls and women are free from violence, act as agents of change, and are leading the way to a better world.

Knowing that social transformation of this magnitude would require a powerful movement of well-resourced leaders from strong, healthy organizations, in 2010, NoVo launched Move to End Violence, a 10-year, movement building program for social change.

Move to End Violence supports leaders in the U.S. movement to end violence against girls and women to step back from their daily work to envision the change they want to see, imagine new strategies, and build the capacity needed to realize this change.

We provide the opportunity, training, and resources for individual Movement Makers, their organizations, and allies to:

  • Foster transformational leadership development;
  • Explore and practice liberation and equity;
  • Build strong, healthy, and sustainable organizations;
  • Understand movement theory and practice; and
  • Develop and flex social change skills.


Learn more about these core program elements.

The work of transforming society belongs to everyone who shares a commitment to ending violence against all women, including you. We invite you to join us in this growing community of individuals and organizations who are aligning around a shared vision and engaging across sectors to find bold solutions to ending violence.

By working together, we can build a cross-cutting social justice movement that values girls and women and achieves justice and dignity for all. Together, we will create a world where all girls and women are safe and respected and everyone can reach their full potential.

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