Movement Makers

Every two years, Move to End Violence partners with a group of inspired individuals from the thousands of talented leaders working to end violence against all girls and women in the U.S.  Over the course of their work together, these individuals strengthen their capacity in the areas of Transformative Leadership Development, Liberation and Equity, Organizational Development, and Movement Building for Social Change, in order to build power in their communities and the movement. We call them Movement Makers.

Find Movement Makers

Afua Addo's headshot

Afua Addo

Cohort 4
Coordinator, Gender & Justice Initiatives
Center for Court Innovation

Saida Agostini's headshot

Saida Agostini

Cohort 4
Director of Capacity Building

Ted Bunch's headshot

Ted Bunch

Cohort 1
Educator, Activist, Lecturer

Cristy Chung's headshot

Cristy Chung

Cohort 2

Sarah Curtiss's headshot

Sarah Curtiss

Cohort 4
Co-Executive Director
Men As Peacemakers

M.L. Daniel's headshot

M.L. Daniel

Cohort 3

Spiritual Alchemy

Ne'Cole Daniels's headshot

Ne'Cole Daniels

Cohort 4
Phoenix Rising HTC

Sandy Davidson's headshot

Sandy Davidson

Cohort 3

Cristine Davidson's headshot

Cristine Davidson

Cohort 3
Business and Development Specialist
Minnesota Indian Women’s Sexual Assault Coalition


Tanisha "Wakumi" Douglas

Cohort 4
Executive Director
S.O.U.L. Sisters Leadership Collective

Lorena Estrella's headshot

Lorena Estrella

Cohort 3

Alexis Flanagan's headshot

Alexis Flanagan

Cohort 3
Learning and Practice Director

Annika Gifford's headshot

Annika Gifford

Cohort 2

Priscilla Gonzalez's headshot

Priscilla Gonzalez

Cohort 1

Trina Greene Brown's headshot

Trina Greene Brown

Cohort 2

Parenting for Liberation

Rufaro Gwarada's headshot

Rufaro Gwarada

Cohort 4
National Project Lead
Power California (formerly Mobilize the Immigrant Vote and YVote)

Ed Heisler's headshot

Ed Heisler

Cohort 3
Co-Executive Director
Men As Peacemakers

Monique Hoeflinger's headshot

Monique Hoeflinger

Cohort 2

Vivian Huelgo's headshot

Vivian Huelgo

Cohort 3
Chief Counsel
ABA Commission on Domestic & Sexual Violence

Neil Irvin's headshot

Neil Irvin

Cohort 1
Executive Director
Men Can Stop Rape

Ariel Jacobson's headshot

Ariel Jacobson

Cohort 3

Monica J. James's headshot

Monica J. James

Cohort 4
Board Chair/Project Developer/Fundraising Manager
Triumphant 2gether

Vivian Jojola's headshot

Vivian Jojola

Cohort 3

Leiana Kinnicutt's headshot

Leiana Kinnicutt

Cohort 1
Program Director, Children & Youth Program
Futures Without Violence

Suzanne Koepplinger's headshot

Suzanne Koepplinger

Cohort 1
Catalyst Initiative Director
The Minneapolis Foundation

Tamar Kraft-Stolar's headshot

Tamar Kraft-Stolar

Cohort 1
Co-Founder and Co-Director
Women and Justice Project

Debbie Lee's headshot

Debbie Lee

Cohort 2
Senior Vice President
Futures Without Violence

Andrea Lee's headshot

Andrea Lee

Cohort 2
Former Co-Director
Mujeres Unidas y Activas

David S. Lee's headshot

David S. Lee

Cohort 3
Director of Prevention Education
California Coalition Against Sexual Assault

Heidi Lehmann's headshot

Heidi Lehmann

Cohort 2
Director, Gender and Gender Based Violence

Dorchen Leidholdt's headshot

Dorchen Leidholdt

Cohort 1
Director, Center for Battered Women's Legal Services
Sanctuary for Families

Tonya Lovelace's headshot

Tonya Lovelace

Cohort 4
Chief Executive Officer
Women of Color Network, Inc.

Beckie Masaki's headshot

Beckie Masaki

Cohort 1
Social Justice + Community Building Director
Asian Pacific Institute on Gender-Based Violence

Nicole Matthews's headshot

Nicole Matthews

Cohort 2
Executive Director
Minnesota Indian Women's Sexual Assault Coalition

Kelly Miller's headshot

Kelly Miller

Cohort 2
Executive Director
Idaho Coalition Against Sexual & Domestic Violence

Nadiah Mohajir's headshot

Nadiah Mohajir

Cohort 4
Executive Director
HEART Women & Girls

Monique Nguyen's headshot

Monique Nguyen

Cohort 4
Executive Director
Matahari Women Worker’s Center

Nancy Dung Nguyen's headshot

Nancy Dung Nguyen

Cohort 1
Executive Director

Robina Niaz's headshot

Robina Niaz

Cohort 4
Executive Director
Turning Point for Women and Families

Isa Noyola's headshot

Isa Noyola

Cohort 4
Deputy Director

Klarissa Oh's headshot

Klarissa Oh

Cohort 2
Education Director
OAASIS, Oregon Abuse Advocates and Survivors in Service

Jodeen Olguin-Tayler's headshot

Jodeen Olguin-Tayler

Cohort 2
Consultant & Senior Philanthropic Advisor

Marcia Olivo's headshot

Marcia Olivo

Cohort 2
Executive Director
Miami Workers Center

Ana Orozco's headshot

Ana Orozco

Cohort 4
Feminisms and Gender Justice Organizer
Grassroots Global Justice Alliance

Deleana OtherBull's headshot

Deleana OtherBull

Cohort 4
Director of Tribal Sexual Assault Services and Initiatives
New Mexico Coalition of Sexual Assault Programs

Eesha Pandit's headshot

Eesha Pandit

Cohort 2
Managing Partner
Center for Advancing Innovative Policy (CAIP)

Patina Park's headshot

Patina Park

Cohort 3
Former Executive Director
Minnesota Indian Women's Resource Center

Sandra Park's headshot

Sandra Park

Cohort 2
Senior Staff Attorney
American Civil Liberties Union, Women's Rights Project

Tony Porter's headshot

Tony Porter

Cohort 2
Author, Educator and Activist

Archi Pyati's headshot

Archi Pyati

Cohort 2
Chief of Policy
Tahirih Justice Center

Maria Rodriguez's headshot

Maria Rodriguez

Cohort 3
Executive Director
Florida Immigrant Coalition

Ana Romero's headshot

Ana Romero

Cohort 3
Director of New Initiatives
Chicago Workers' Collective

Lynn Rosenthal's headshot

Lynn Rosenthal

Cohort 3
The Center for Family Safety and Healing

Anisah Sabur's headshot

Anisah Sabur

Cohort 4
Survivor Leadership Coach/Coalition Coordinator
STEPS Division of Rising Ground

Corrine Sanchez's headshot

Corrine Sanchez

Cohort 1
Tewa Women United

Edith Sargon's headshot

Edith Sargon

Cohort 3
Facilitator, Trainer and Organizer

Joanne Smith's headshot

Joanne Smith

Cohort 1
Founder and Executive Director
Girls for Gender Equity

Andrew Sta. Ana's headshot

Andrew Sta. Ana

Cohort 3
Supervising Attorney
Day One

Lovisa Stannow's headshot

Lovisa Stannow

Cohort 2
Executive Director
Just Detention International

Nan Stoops's headshot

Nan Stoops

Cohort 1
Strategic Advisor
Washington State Coalition Against Domestic Violence

Farah Tanis's headshot

Farah Tanis

Cohort 3
Executive Director
Black Women's Blueprint

Aimee Thompson's headshot

Aimee Thompson

Cohort 1


Scheherazade Tillet's headshot

Scheherazade Tillet

Cohort 2
Co-founder and Executive Director
A Long Walk Home

Patricia Tototzintle's headshot

Patricia Tototzintle

Cohort 1
Chief Executive Officer
Casa de Esperanza

Mily Treviño-Sauceda's headshot

Mily Treviño-Sauceda

Cohort 4
Organización en California de Lideres Campesinas, Inc.

Karen Tronsgard-Scott's headshot

Karen Tronsgard-Scott

Cohort 3
Executive Director
Vermont Network Against Domestic and Sexual Violence

Cristina Tzintzún's headshot

Cristina Tzintzún

Cohort 4
Executive Director

Kabzuag Vaj's headshot

Kabzuag Vaj

Cohort 4
Co-Executive Director
Freedom, Inc.

Quentin Walcott's headshot

Quentin Walcott

Cohort 3
Co-Executive Director

Shakira Washington's headshot

Shakira Washington

Cohort 1
Vice President
The National Crittenton Foundation

Cassandra Overton Welchlin's headshot

Cassandra Overton Welchlin

Cohort 4
Lead Convener and Organizer
Mississippi Black Women's Roundtable/National Coalition on Black Civic Participation

Jamia Wilson's headshot

Jamia Wilson

Cohort 3
Executive Director and Publisher
Feminist Press at City University of New York

Isa Woldeguiorguis's headshot

Isa Woldeguiorguis

Cohort 4
Executive Director
The Center for Hope and Healing, Inc.

Kristen Wyman's headshot

Kristen Wyman

Cohort 4
Eastern Woodland Rematriation Collective