Our People

Our People

At the heart of everything, Move to End Violence is based on people and relationships. Accordingly, there is a multi-dimensional constellation of players who are involved in the work of Move to End Violence. To learn more about these people and their relationship to the initiative overall, please follow the links below.

NoVo Foundation

Move to End Violence is an operational program of the NoVo Foundation, which is dedicated to fostering a transformation from a world of domination and exploitation to one of collaboration and partnership. Meet the staff at the NoVo Foundation who work closely with Move to End Violence.


Move to End Violence is administered by a team of full-time consultants based at the Raben Group, a progressive consulting firm. Meet the team.


In developing and designing Move to End Violence, we knew we needed to connect with the visionaries and experts who are blazing the trails on the core program elements [link]. This amazing, multi-talented team designs curricula; facilitates in-person convenings, meetings, and workshops; and supports the program, Movement Makers, and their organizations as we work towards a powerful movement for social change. Learn more about the Program Faculty.

Movement Makers

Approximately every two years, Move to End Violence selects a group of inspired individuals who are committed to ending violence against all girls and women in the United States through social change. We call them Movement Makers. Learn more about the Movement Makers.

Advisory Committee

At the onset of the design phase, NoVo engaged 11 trusted advisers to lend their expertise and perspective on the direction and design of Move to End Violence. Several Advisory Committee members have continued to play significant roles in the Move to End Violence system, including as faculty and Movement Makers. Learn more about the Advisory Committee.


During the research phase of this initiative in 2009 & 2010, Move to End Violence spoke with scores of individuals familiar with the work of the U.S. movement to end violence against girls and women and potential approaches to strengthening the movement’s ability to make a powerful impact. We are deeply grateful to them for their generosity of time and insight. See the list of Stakeholders and their organizations at the time of their informational interview.

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Self Care

Self Care

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