NoVo Foundation

NoVo Foundation

Move to End Violence is an operational program of the NoVo Foundation, one of the largest private foundations in the world that is working to end violence against women and girls.

NoVo launched Move to End Violence in 2010 in order to strategically deepen its investment in the U.S.-based movement to end violence against girls and women. Move to End Violence directly links to NoVo’s other grantmaking and advocacy work to end violence against girls and women everywhere. Organizations participating in Move to End Violence become grantees of the NoVo Foundation for a three-year period. NoVo is also committed to engaging other funders to invest in this movement.

Across all of its work, the NoVo Foundation seeks to foster a transformation in global society from a culture of domination and exploitation to one of equality and partnership. It supports the development of capacities in people –- individually and collectively -– to help create a caring and balanced world that operates on the principles of mutual respect, collaboration, and civic participation.

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